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Saturday, August 27, 2011

I won! I won! I won!

 I never dreamed when I entered the giveaway on the Sew WE Quilt blog that I would win, and not just win, but to win such nice things. Every giveaway has been this nice or even better!

 I found out about this from Diane at Lavender Dreams. I was really confused at first about how to enter, but Diane helped me through that.
 I'm so glad because since I won that meant that she also won some prizes as she was my sponsor.  You can visit Diane's blog HERE to see what all she won.

Now let me show you my prizes! Can you believe I won these 3 fabulous Creative Grids rulers! That means they don't slip when cutting. 

Madame Samm sent along these beautiful fat quarters too!
 This isn't all! I received 4 different patterns and a wonderful quilt book by Jillily Studio. 

It's not just quilts. There are also some adorable pin cushion patterns.

 It's not too late to enter. Just hop on over to Lavender Dreams and Diane will set you up if you are a Wantobe Quilter. If you are experienced, then go leave Madame Samm a comment and tell her you want to enter, and she will direct you to the right place.
  I am so excited about my goodies. I hope to be back blogging on a regular basis. This has been a crazy, busy time around here for a while.

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So Happy to Meet a Blogging Friend in Dallas..

 My husband and I had to make a trip to Dallas to get his sister and his niece when they flew back from California.

  I've  been emailing and chatting with DeeDee from DeeDee's Craft Spot for a while. In the beginning, her little Pomeranians took my eye as we had one also, but we had to have her put to sleep last Oct. 
 DeeDee also had to do the same with one of hers, and of course, we had to chit chat a lot about our sweet little poms.
 DeeDee was as sweet as I imagined, and let me tell you, she is so talented as well. Visit her blog to see!

 DeeDee also brought a crafting friend along, Sandy. We really enjoyed our dinner at the Olive Garden.

  This is a pic of the two of us after dinner. We were stuffed! (DeeDee on the left, and I'm on the right.)
 She also gave me a sweet little gift. This darling scissor charm from her Etsy shop, and a cute matchbook needle holder made from a paint strip sample. How unique is that!
 I'm so glad we had this chance to meet in person. Dallas isn't too far away so maybe we can meet again in the future!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Of Easters Past...........

  I was watering a few plants that have managed to stay alive in all of this heat the other day, and I made a little discovery.

  I found this yellow plastic egg sticking out of the ground so I dug it out. It seems it must have been left there 2 or 3 Easters ago when we hid eggs with money in them for the grands. 
  I know for sure we didn't do this the last 2 Easters so it could even be longer. I do remember the first time we did this after Cayden was big enough to hunt with the older boys that Cayden made the statement, "Where's the candy?" LOL His mama was saying, "Forget the candy, and get the money!" 
  It was half filled with dirt, and came to a total of $1.61. 
 I might need to go back and hunt some more!