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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A lovely thing to win!

A few weeks ago I entered a contest over at Mermaid Sews. Lorelei was giving away some beautiful charm packs by Moda.
  I am a sucker for anything made by Moda! I was so excited when she wrote to tell me I'd won.
 Now I just have to share some pics of these charm packs. I have been collecting some charm packs so I will have a lot of choices when I start on some small quilts for the grands. These will also work in just fine with some of my ideas.
I just love all of the colors and prints! Lucky me! Thanks so much, Lorelei, for having the contest!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Maggie Lou!! Woo Hoo!

I want to thank everyone who voted for my dog, Maggie Lou, in the photo contest. Maggie Lou did very well, and she is in the top 6 dogs so Fifi Flowers painted her picture.

 Please go and look HERE!
Fifi is an amazing artist, and she paints anything anyone wants or likes. Please go and check out her beautiful paintings.

 Thanks so much Fifi for having the contest. I never thought Maggie would do so well. We got her over a year ago, and she is two years old. Her owner died and she was being shifted around among family members. She is such a loving, protective dog! The best thing about her since she is a full blooded Yorkie is that she doesn't bark unless someone comes or she sees an animal, but she mostly barks at people! Her sister lives across the street, and she barks constantly! LOL 
  We love our Maggie!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zebra Print Swimsuit

  This is my little granddaughter, Shelby, who is five. She is such a joy to sew for as she loves anything I make for her, and now she is starting to give me "orders" of things she wants. She has recently discovered animal print fabrics, and "this" is one of her orders! 
   The pattern came out in Sew Beautiful Magazine in 2010 Issue #130.  (You may also purchase and download the pattern from their site.) This is the 4th time I've made this pattern, but this year I changed up the way the ruffles were made. I sewed them on the outside of the top and bottoms instead of in the seams because I wanted to add the hot pink binding. I just thought the ruffles would stand out better this way, and I also added some width and length to the ruffles. 
  Shelby loves swimsuits, and since we just went to the beach last week, she had to look cute everyday! 
 These are some of her "creative poses". LOL This girl is a riot!

I love sewing for my Shelby! I finished this suit two days before we left for the beach, and she gave me orders for a zebra print purse to match, and for me to make her mommy a swimsuit like this one! Let's just say "Mimi is still working on those!" 

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Please vote for my dog!

Maggie is in a contest to have her picture painted by Fifi Flowers. All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog with the number of the picture. View and vote HERE.
  Her number is 12.  Plus you can vote for 6 dog pictures total!
 Oh, and since today is my birthday, just consider it a birthday present to me!! :)
  Thanks so much!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Are You Green with Envy???

 I entered a giveaway on Sew Many Ways back in May, and I was so astounded that I won. There were 125 entries, and mine was picked! Wow! 

 The prize was these beautiful hand dyed set of fat eights fabrics from Vicki Welsh. You can visit Vicki's shop HERE to see all of her lovely choices. Everyone is different. I chose the set of greens as I plan on making some I Spy quilts for the grands, and my new grandson to be loves green. (We just got word that my son and DIL can now adopt him!)

I tried to get several pics so you could see the varied colors in the dyes.

Plus I won this set of transfer sheets! Woo hoo!
Thank you Karen from Sew Many Ways for having the giveaway, and to Vicki for sponsoring the prizes! You girls rock!