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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sew-a-Long with Whimsical Fabrics...

 I love Whimsical Fabrics! You should visit Danielle's site and her Facebook page. 

  Danielle decided to have a Sew-a-Long, and she made up a Facebook page for those that wanted to participate.
 The group voted, and the pattern that won was the Macy Giggles dress from Little Lizard King. 

 Danielle even made some fabric kits for those that needed fabric, and she gave us a discount on the fabric and patterns.

 I already had some fabric in my stash that I needed to use so I just bought the pattern. 

  This has been fun except for Danielle as she got sick this week, and she hasn't been able to finish the last lesson, but some of us went ahead and finished on our own. We've all been helping each other, and I've really enjoyed getting to know some more people that sew including some that are just learning. 

 You are never too old to learn new things! I love seeing how other people sew certain techniques. 

  I wanted to show the dress I made so I could also link up to Project Run and Play's Linky party.

 Here is the front of the dress. I chose the view with the wide band at the bottom, and I also chose to do a simple monogram on the bodice. (Click on the pictures for a closer view.)

 I went outside thinking I could get better pictures, but the wind was blowing, and I ended up next to the house. 

  This is the back. It only calls for 2 covered buttons and some loops to fasten the back. I didn't like the way the pattern suggested to do the loops so I separated mine, and I like it much better.
 I am very excited to try this on my little granddaughter, Shelby. I'm not sure how the straps/armholes will fit, but I'm hoping I won't have to make any alterations.

 Thanks for looking. There will be another Sew-a-Long coming soon so watch on Whimsical Fabric's Facebook page for the announcement in case you want to participate.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm a Lucky Girl - I am I am!!

 I entered a giveaway on the Boutique Cafe Blog back in January to try and win a copy of Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli. 

I was notified in February that I won, (Woo Hoo!) and I replied to the email, but somehow I guess it got overlooked, and I never received my book. So I wrote Jennifer on Facebook a few days ago, and she immediately mailed my copy of this wonderful book. She even asked me if I wanted her to autograph it. Oh Yes! I certainly did!

  Now do I feel special or what? Plus when I received the book, it was wrapped in this beautiful fabric from her West Indies collection! 

  Girl's World is a fabulous book filled with patterns and beautiful ideas for sewing girl's clothing, and also some decorating ideas. All of the patterns are tucked away in the front of the book in a special envelope. 

 I can't wait to try some of these, and the good thing is that Shelby can wear these patterns for a few years to come. 
 Let me tease you with a peak at a couple of my favorites!

 Jennifer Paganelli's blog link is HERE.

  You can find her book many places, but be sure you visit her Facebook page "Sis Boom" for updates and lots of inspiration. I told her she was becoming a very famous person in the sewing/fabric world. Her collections are just filled with bright,  happy colors that would entice anyone to want to sew!

 The good news is that she also has another book entitled "The Happy Home". Oh yes! I need to get that one also!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Grands Modeling.....

 The first pic is Cayden modeling his MUD!
 Yesterday our area got a TON of much needed rain. It just wasn't much fun since it came with tornado warnings, but nothing happened - thank goodness!

 Cayden is all boy and he loves the mud and dirt. I love this as it reminds me of my own son when he was this age. We would have to use the garden hose to wash Cody off before he could enter the house after playing in the dirt!

  The next one is Shelby modeling her new dress I made her. A fashion diva she's not! LOL At least the crown matches the dress! The fabric has crowns and frogs on it. 
At least her mommy makes sure she matches before she goes anywhere. :)

 This is the dress she is modeling. I made it with knit from Chez Ami. I'm glad I decided to go ahead and make this as I barely had enough to make the dress. That girl is growing like a bad weed!

   The frog applique is from DesignsbyJuju. I think it's so cute!
  Now I'm participating in a sewalong on Whimsical Fabrics on FB. We are making the Izzy and Ivy Macy Giggles dress. I also cut out another dress to work on in between lessons. 

 This is a busy sewing time of year around here. I love spring and summer sewing! 
Thanks for looking. I appreciate your comments. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Hasn't Arrived............

 It's been here all winter!! Seriously, we haven't had a lot of really cold days. We are thankful that we've had some rain, but our averages are still way behind. Last summer was horribly dry as most of you remember and horribly HOT! I'm really praying that this summer is not like that!
 I just wanted to share these pics of my gerbera daisies. They have bloomed ALL winter long on the patio. The temps only dipped into the 20's a couple of times, and we did nothing to protect them as this pot is really heavy. 

 They are so thick, and they really need to be repotted or put into the yard. My DH likes them in the pot, and I tried to tell him when he did this last spring to please put some in another pot, but you know - in one ear and out the other! 

 We've had some of these for several seasons. 
  I've enjoyed seeing these pretty blooms on some pretty dreary days. We have some more that the frost got, but they are already putting out some green shoots. 

 I hope all of my blogging friends are safe from this last round of bad storms. There has just been so much sadness lately. Everyone is in my prayers.