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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm SEW excited!!!!

I will be leaving early in the morning to meet my sewing friend, Jerry, so we can travel to Springdale, AR for our sewing class with Carol Ahles. If you sew, and you don't have her book, you need to buy it. I've been reading it at night, and believe me I wish I had bought this book years ago.

 I wrote on here a few weeks ago about this trip. Well, the time has finally come! I am packing up my sewing stuff, and gosh, there's so much to remember.
 I know we will have a fabulous time. I met Jerry on the sewing forums when our first grandbabies were close to a year old. We think so much alike that I sometimes think we are sewing sisters from another mother. LOL
  We will be back on Sunday, and then Clay and I leave on our cruise on Monday. More fun!! I can't wait!
  I see my blog folllowers are increasing in numbers. I will have a giveaway when I get to 25.
 It's not time for sunflowers yet, but I just thought I'd tease you with this one from last year. 
Happy Spring Everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Blog Giveaway...

I get so excited every time I see those magic words "giveaway".
Go on over to Little Miss Thing and read all the ways you can be entered to win.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting for the snow and some past Easter pics...

It has been snowing all around us today, but so far none here. I went back and looked at my photos, and it snowed on April 7, 2007. Our azaleas had started to bloom. You can see them behind the grill.
  I was also looking at some Easter pics of Cayden and Shelby, and realized that Shelby's first Easter was in 2008 as she was born April 18, 2007.
  These are from Cayden's first Easter in 2005. I made him a one piece bubble, and did some shadow work applique on the collar from Southern Stitches. I love this little outfit, and he was so sweet wearing it. 

I love this pic below. My daughter was and is always trying to make neat and different photos.
 The next ones are from Shelby's first Easter in 2008. These were made a few weeks before I had my tongue/cancer surgery, and these pics were very special to me. When I was in the hospital for 12 days, my daughter brought a few of them and taped them to the wall so I could look at my sweet babies everyday. 

Have a good week everyone! I am packing for my sewing trip to the Ozarks, and I'm so excited. Then my cruise will be as soon as I get home. Gosh, it will be a rushed and busy time!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Great Blog Giveaway...

Blog giveaways are always so much fun. It's sort of like having a chance to win a Christmas present during the year. Check out Laurie's blog for chances to win. Yes, I said "chances".
  Remember - I will be having a giveaway when I get to 25 followers. I'm going to look for something neat to give away when we go on our cruise.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Reason this Blog was Started...

Two years ago today I went in for a biopsy on my tongue. Deep down inside I think I sort of knew it would be bad news because when my doctor had checked it the week before, he immediately said he needed to do a deeper biopsy. Before this, he had always done them in his office.
  I will NEVER forget the look on my husband, my daughter, and my son's faces when I woke up. I finally asked if everything was ok, and everyone burst into tears. If you've ever been told you have cancer, you very well know the feeling. They started reassuring me that the doctor said he could get it all, and it would be ok.
  I cried most of the way home sipping on a coke float from Sonic.
  They scheduled me to have my surgery in May. That was as soon as they could get me in, but they knew what I had was not an aggressive cancer. I went back and taught school for the six weeks before the surgery. I had to take off school two weeks early so I had a lot to prepare for a sub also.
 The surgery part is the beginning of this blog in the Archives of 08. It was very traumatic, and when I look back, I sometimes wonder how I ever tolerated any of it. I've always been pretty tough when it came to pain, and it wasn't so much the pain as the whole ordeal. 
  I made it, and I know it has made me a stronger person in the end. May will be my two year mark, and when I get my tests results, you will hear me shouting from the tree tops. I know it will be good. I haven't had any flare ups, and I don't intend to. You can't live worrying about what might happen. 
 I have lived these past 2 years enjoying life, my family, and my friends as much as I can. I know you already knew that because of how I brag about my grandkids.
 Please keep me in your prayers for a good report in May. I want to be in the 10% that does NOT have a recurrence of mouth cancer within 2 years!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making Memories...

This past Saturday my husband and I met Emily, Cayden, and Shelby in Bossier City at the Boardwalk. If you aren't familiar with the area, the Boardwalk is a shopping area next to Bass Pro Shop right on the Red River. It is a wonderful and clean place to enjoy walking, shopping, and eating. 
 We first went to lunch, and then we took the kids to Build a Bear. I had been before when we took them last year on my birthday, but my DH hadn't been. He really did enjoy it, and of course the kids had a ball. Cayden picked out a monkey and a Buzz Lightyear costume. It is so cute. I will have to add pictures of him when I get some.
 Shelby picked out a panda bear, and she didn't take a minute to decide on the little top with the Princesses on it. She got some darling denim shorts with bling, and of course, some hot pink shoes!
  Shelby named her bear Cinderella Lou. She also got a blow up bed, and her mom snapped these pics that evening of Shelby putting her bear to bed. She pretended the box was a TV, and she made the bear take her shoes off to go to bed. lol
Then yesterday I met them again for lunch. We took the kids to the duck pond and play area in Shreveport. They had a lot of fun. It was another beautiful spring day. While we were there, my DD snapped this pic of us. I love making memories with my grandbabies because they grow up so fast, and right now going to the playground with Mimi and Mommy is "fun" for them too!
 I will post Cayden's monkey another day and tell a little about some of his antics.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Go on over to Southern Matriach and read what she's giving away. Everything pink!
  If you care anything about sewing, you need to read Martha's blog. She is always posting such beautiful things, and she also gives great tutorials.
 Thanks, Martha, for another great giveaway. I plan to have a giveaway when I get 25 followers.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a Day!

  First of all I had a doctor's appointment in Shreveport with my shoulder doctor. I had to wait a good while (nothing new). He did take a long time looking at my shoulder and trying to figure out again why it didn't do better after surgery. We decided to do another MRI in April to compare with the one done before the surgery. We also went through the pics made during the surgery. I really had less repairing than most people, and still not good results. He thinks it's all related to my radical neck dissection from 2008, but again, I asked "what could have happened?" I know other people who had the same surgery, and they didn't have problems with their shoulders. I went into the hospital with my shoulder being fine, and came out with a problem, but it took a while for me to figure this out as that side of my body was numb for a long time.
  I had a heavy feeling all day long yesterday, and I guess it was for a reason. There was a very bad wreck not far from where we live after I got home, and a young woman that works for the school board here in our parish was killed when a log truck hit her. My DH talked to her a lot as she handled the adult ed. GED testing. She has a 15 yr. old daughter so please say prayer for her family. The trucks in this area are out of control because of the gas well drilling. There are accidents nearly everyday. I am literally scared to go to the grocery store. Now this is a small town that was nearly dead 2 years ago. Money flow is good, but not when it causes so many fatalities and the law won't do anything about the trucks speeding around here.
  I've vented enough. I will leave you with a hint of spring that popped up in our backyard this week. One lonely iris.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Third Birthday is coming for the Princess!!

  On April 18th, our little princess will be "3". I can't believe it has already been almost 3 years. Since Mimi is slow these days, I've started preparing to sew her special outfit. My daughter allows me this privilege every year, and it thrills me beyond words. 
  Shelby really loved Cinderella at this time, and she is having her party at a place where the kids can play so we want her outfit to be comfortable yet cute.
  These are the fabrics I'm going to use along with a pic of the applique that will go on the bodice made of the pink dots (Chez Ami). The skirt will be made of the Princess fabric, and I think I'm doing a pink dot ruffle around the bottom, and possibly a shorter one of the blue gingham on top of that. I will have to see how heavy it will be before I make the final decision. The capris will also be the dots, but I will embellish them somehow to tie in with the rest of the outfit.
 The darker blue is for Cinderella's dress along with the blue gingham.
  I bought the next piece because the yellow matched Cinderella's hair the best, but it has so many shades of other colors that I knew it would come in handy for appliques in the future.
The colors look distorted in this pic, but they are very pretty.  I'm not sure about the rick rack yet. I always wait until the sewing gets underway to make those choices.  The pattern will be McCall's 6019 - View A, which is the shorter version in pink on the envelope.
 Sometimes things don't always turn out the way I have them pictured in my mind so keep your fingers crossed that it turns out the way I have it envisioned.
  Now let me leave you with a couple of pics of the previous birthdays. Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pink and Brown Dots.....

  I wanted to get this made so Shelby would be able to wear it a few times before the weather gets too warm - if that ever happens! It is fairly lightweight so maybe she will get to wear it into summer. 
  The flash makes the colors a little distorted. I partially lined it with pink gingham. 
  The "S" is Lacey Girl's Font from I love the way it stitches. I almost didn't do any machine embroidery, but for lack of a better plan this is what I ended up with. Shelby loves anything that has her initial on it.

  Notice the price on these buttons that came from my mom's stash. I love being able to add some little touch of something cherished to Shelby's outfits. 
  Now I just need my little princess to model!