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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Nancy Zieman

Since it was 4 years ago at this time that I was able to attend a Nancy Zieman Sewing Event, I wanted to share this post again. It was such a sad day in the sewing world when Nancy passed away this past November. 
 I can never say enough as to how much I enjoyed meeting her and listening to her lectures. She was so incredibly sweet and personable. She definitely left her legacy in the sewing community for many to enjoy for years to come. 

 At the end of January, I got to attend a Babylock - For the Love of Sewing Event with Nancy Zieman!! It was in Shreveport, LA which is close to where I live, and I can say it was "wonderful!" Three days of classes, plus lectures and demonstrations by Nancy Zieman.
  If you ever get a chance to see her live, take advantage of it! She was wonderful! My brain was overflowing with the wealth of information she shared with us.
  The Babylock classes were also fabulous! We got to sew on the Unity, Ellisimo Gold, an Evolution Serger, the Sashiko Machine, and the Embellisher. Oh what fun!! 
 In the first class I attended we made a Mardi Gras table runner using the Unity and the Sashiko machine. We made the 10 minute table runner, but we embroidered the mask, and did some top stitching with the Sashiko. It stitches a wonderful stitch and can also be used for quilting. 
After lunch, we moved on to the Embellisher - Oh my goodness! I could have played with that one for hours!! It's sort of like a felting machine, but so fast, and did I say fun?? We made a little bag. First we made the back with some stipping on the Ellisimo Gold, and then we made the front using the Embellisher. We used all sorts of scraps from scarves, yarn, trim - you name it! It punched it all into that fabric, and none of it looks like it did before we started. 
 I just know my little granddaughter, Shelby, would love making things like this with her Mimi!
  That night we got to meet and take pictures with Nancy Zieman. Now this made me feel like I was on the real show!
  After pictures, she shared some of her favorite projects, and also during the next morning she showed us how the show is taped, and more projects.
 Nancy's love is making landscape quilts, and she shared with us how she does it. It was so interesting, and let me say, I didn't realize how we could use just scraps, bits, and pieces of fabric to make a beautiful quilt. (and an occasional fabric marker.) (wink)
  The wonderful Babylock instructors also shared some of their own projects which was also very interesting. 
  My last class was with the Evolution serger, and we made a wall board completely on the serger. It was pretty much easy and fun! They had the sergers set up so we rotated and didn't waste a minute.  
 Of course, we had to visit the on site store every time we finished a class. My dealer in Shreveport was the sponsor of the event - Shreveport Sewing Center. I picked up some neat goodies, and at a discount during the workshop.
 My favorite thing is the magnetic pin wrap bracelet. It's so light, and so convenient to use. 
 Now I'm just going to post some random pictures I took during the workshop. Can you believe we only had to pay $199, and that covered our kits (3), lunch for 3 days, and snacks. I'm sorry to say I didn't win a door prize or the machine they gave away, but I certainly wasn't disappointed as I gained so much from this seminar.
Happy Sewing!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Missing in Action!

Good morning from the deep South! I know it's been a while, but I'm going to try and start back blogging as often as I can.
Life happens! I've not stopped sewing! My sewing is just sporadic at times. Sometimes it's for mission projects and sometimes for my grands.
My Shelby is going on eleven so I don't sew for her as much. We have a new great-granddaughter, Ellie. I'm enjoying sewing for her when I have time.
My church mission group keeps me busy making care bags for a domestic abuse shelter close to here. I'm the only one that sews so that makes it hard, but I do enjoy it.
The biggest change came in December when my husband had a major heart attack. Our whole life has changed, and it's also very busy at times. He's doing much better, but he takes a lot of my attention. Some days more than others. I had to take up running all of the errands and driving. I've never liked driving!
I know things will get better, but it's going to take a while. He starts cardiac rehab next week so that will involve lots of driving. I'm hoping it won't be long until he can help with that.
These are some of the bags, and a pic of what we put in them. Louisiana has a whole lot of domestic abuse cases. I was able to visit one of the shelters. It is an old two story building with no signs of any kind. It's kept locked, and someone stays there 24/7 to service whoever is living there. They try to help the ladies to become independent, find jobs, and start over.
Of course, many don't stay but a day or two and go back to their abuser. They're offered counseling and lots of support, but that is their own decision.

I will be adding some more posts. I hope there's a few people who will follow and read my posts. I love reading blogs!