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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hoo's Ready for Fall!!

 I finally finished this outfit that I started on before Bubba's wreck. I can't blame Bubba entirely for my delay. It just seems like there are always things to do and places to go!
  I bought this Riley Blake fabric last spring. Last year, Shelby loved owls so I was hoping she'd love this, and she did.
  My husband thinks it looks like something from Little House of the Prairie. (What does he know?)

  The peasant dress is Simplicity 5695, and the apron dress is Simplicity 2461.

 I made the pants from New Look 6473. I thought they would be cute with the apron dress and a white shirt. Emily had just bought a new white shirt for me to embroider something on, but right now, it is blank.
 She was here today, and tried it on. I think it's so cute. We didn't get a picture as we "didn't have a bow to match!" Oh yeh, she's a bow head girl! As long as we can keep her like that, we will!
 Fall pictures are next week at her school so I'm glad I finally finished this outfit for her to wear!
 I'm making her a matching purse. I plan to finish it tomorrow!
  Now I hope to have some time to spend on the review I'm doing for my giveaway!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Update on Bubba and a Giveaway Coming!

  I got so excited last night when I had an unexpected visitor at my kitchen door. It was our grandson, Bubba, hobbling in on crutches. 

  This was the first time he's been able to come to our house since his accident. We have sure missed him popping in and out at various times of the day.
 This pic was made a little over a week ago, and that leg is looking so much better.

  His arms are healing very well also. We are just so blessed and praising God everyday.

  Now I want you all to be aware of an upcoming giveaway here on my blog. 
 I am reviewing a neat product, and as soon as I finish, I will be posting about the giveaway. So keep checking back!

  Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and prayers for Bubba.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

 Our grandson, Bubba, came home this afternoon!
 The doctors decided to postpone surgery on his kneecap as they think it will heal on its own since he can't put any pressure on that leg anyway. They figured most of his pain is coming from the rods and screws put in his leg. I appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers.

 Today was Grandparent's Day at Shelby's pre-school. (My granddaughter that is 4.) My husband and I were both able to attend. She was so excited, and her main focus was getting to eat those too tempting donuts over on the table next to where we were sitting. 
 Since everyone there knows our Shelby, they put 2 doughnuts on her plate. The little toot ate those and also 1/4 of a cinnamon roll. 
 Let's just say she had plenty of energy for the rest of the morning!
  From there my husband left to go and get Bubba, and I took Shelby to Hancock's. She had everyone in there cracking up as she never stopped talking, and they could all hear everything she said.
  We went up and down the fabric isles, and she spied some Ariel fabric. She pulled it down, and said that was what she wanted. I asked her if she had any money. She said, "No, but you do!" Can we say "rotten"?
  Then she found the Strawberry Shortcake fabric, and insisted on that also. It is so funny how she knows exactly what she wants and never asked for any other fabric.
  However, she did make the statement that she wished she could buy all of the fabric in the store, but she knew she couldn't. LOL That's a Mimi's girl for sure!
 This is Shelby wearing the poodle print outfit I made her. Her kitty just happened to match the outfit. She loved telling everyone that Mimi made it, and she also told them that I could make all kinds of stuff. I was laughing so hard!
Let's just say it was a fun and happy day! The first one this week!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update on our Grandson...

 My last post HERE was about our grandson, Bubba, who was in a terrible wreck Saturday night. If you haven't read that one, then you might like to go back and read so you will understand.

  Bubba had surgery yesterday on both arms. They put in plates and screws so that he would have more mobility. He doesn't have any casts, and he can use his hands to feed himself. However, he can't use his arms to help move around or get positioned in the bed.
 Therapy got him up today and put him in a wheelchair. He did ok, but it was hard to get back into the bed. It will take some adjusting to get it just right.

 The doctors have decided to do surgery on his kneecap on Thursday. Then in 8 weeks, they will go in and do another repair to the femur, and also do a bone graft. The doctor called this a femur explosion.

  I'm sharing some pics I took on my phone. It had just rained and it was a little hazy, but I think you can see well enough to know it was bad.

  Also, we found 3 necklaces that were on his rear view mirror. One is a cross, one is a Christian fish symbol, and one had this verse stamped into it:
"This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9 NLT)
  How perfect is that! 
Counting our blessings!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Please Pray for our Grandson...

 Our oldest grandson, Bubba (20), was in a terrible car wreck last night. He had been to watch the LSU game with a church friend (and his dentist). He took a curvy, back road home, and a deer crossed his path. The road was damp from rain, and he lost control swerving to miss the deer.

 It took firefighters nearly two hours to get him out of the truck.  He drove a Ford F150, and let me say - it is demolished! 

 He has a broken femur in 3 places, and both arms are broken. He also had cuts and bit his lip. They did surgery today on his leg as the bone had pierced the skin, and the fascia was shredded. They also put a "nail" in, and some kind of cement stuff to hold it in place. He did really good.

 Tomorrow they will do surgery on his arms to put rods in so he will be able to put more pressure on them during his recovery. 
 Let's just say, our sweet boy has been mangled and tangled! On a good note, his dentist checked his mouth, and his teeth are fine.

 When we saw his truck this afternoon, we truly lost our breath! If he hadn't been wearing his seat belt, the doctors said he probably wouldn't be here today. We are so very thankful!

 He is really upset about his classes as he had just started the fall session. 

 We feel like God isn't finished with him yet. He has really made us proud with his sincere love for serving God. 

This is a picture of Bubba with Cayden when we were at Destin. 

 We would appreciate your prayers as this will be a long recovery, but Bubba is tough, and he is in good physical health.