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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm So Far Behind!

 If I think for one minute that "this is the day I'm going to catch up on my blogging", you can bet that something is going to go haywire!!

 We kept 2 of the grands Thursday through Friday for our daughter to work. Our internet and phone started messing up slightly Friday night. When we got up Saturday morning - nothing! NO phone and NO internet!

 We'd not had any storms so I'm thinking my back door neighbors putting in a new double wide had messed up something....
  Or....the town crew that's been laying a new pipeline on the highway....because they've cut the gas lines TWICE during that process.....thank goodness we don't use natural gas!

  I called AT&T on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Yes, I was highly slightly aggravated! Actually my back door neighbor's phone was out, but it got repaired on Saturday. Our cousin that lives miles from us lost her service on Monday, and hers got repaired that same day!

  Soooooo what is the problem here??? This is a small town, and there wasn't a storm causing a lot of outages!
 I can only guess at "incompetent people or robots or whatever it is they use to communicate there"!!

 The repairman came Wednesday morning, and he couldn't believe that we'd been without service that long! For real? He was so nice, and he even said "AT&T is not the company they used to be!" I highly agree!

 Poor guy worked for a couple of hours out in the heat, and he had to climb 7 poles to get ours fixed. Evidently another incompetent person had left things in a total mess. 
 At least I can end this with a laugh! Cayden and Shelby had been playing in a mudhole at their neighbor's house. This cracks me up because my son used to do the same thing as a kid.
 The only way to clean them up was to use a good old fashioned water hose - OUTSIDE! You can see Shelby wasn't too thrilled about that part! LOL

  I have more things to share. We've been going to auctions and have found some great deals and some cool things!
 Tomorrow I have to make Shelby a tooth fairy pillow as she has a lose tooth! She just turned 5 in April! 

Come back and visit!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dee Dee's Special Challenge!

Recently I was sent a challenge from my blogging friend, Dee Dee over at Dee Dee's Craft Spot.
 She sent a cute little embroidered heart on some white fabric for me to create some kind of little project.

  Well, it took a few weeks while for me to decide on what to do, but I didn't want to disappoint Dee Dee. I had the privilege of meeting her last summer, and we both have a special love for dogs.
  Keeping that in mind, I decided to do the challenge with a "dog" theme. (See below.)
 I hope you like this sweet friend!

 Actually, it wasn't my idea alone as Dee Dee also sent this to our blogging friend Deb at Mosaic Magpie. Being the conniving thoughtful friends that we are, we just had to do something to give back to Dee Dee. Both heads together, we decided to each make a pin cushion, and add the names of Dee Dee's little dogs, Chuck and Bentley. (Go to Deb's page to see her pin cushion.)

Unfortunately, last year she lost her precious little Lucky so I couldn't forget about him. You see Lucky was the reason I started commenting on Dee Dee's blog. We used to have a pom, and she had just died in the fall of 2010.

  Deb went back and looked and my first post on her blog was in November of 2010, and then I found Dee Dee right after that. Well, I think we both found her around the same time.

  Deb had a heart swap on her blog, and then her husband got really sick. She was determined to carry through, and somehow managed to get all of those hearts sent out.  Dee Dee has had some tough health problems to deal with, but she is such a trouper and so determined to carry on her crafting. You see where I'm going here? These two ladies are some of the most talented people I've ever met. 

  No matter how we found each other, all three of us have developed a very special bond. When we email, we send our emails so all three of us can share.  (Well, almost always. Sorry, DeeDee, we had to keep a secret!)

  I hope that someday soon we can all meet up and have a nice long visit. I know that's on my Bucket List!!
 Thanks, girls, for being the wonderful friends that you are, and mostly for sharing your talent. I have learned so much from reading your blogs, and seeing your projects.
 Love you sooooo much!