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Monday, November 29, 2010

Polar Express Train Ride November 2010

 I have been trying to get these pics up ever since I got home. We decorated for Christmas, and I could hardly move yesterday!
 We had so much fun. This train is in Palestine, TX which is about 2 hours from here. We plan to spend the night so we can drive through the Christmas Park to see the lights. That will have to be another post. They were beautiful!
 First thing - notice those pajamas that nearly drove me crazy matching those stripes! They did turn out pretty cute, and several people asked where we found them.
First the chefs came down the isles dancing and clapping. The kids can dance with them. Cayden did this last year, but not Shelby. Let me tell you, she didn't miss a beat this year. She has come out of her shell so much.

Then they serve hot chocolate and cookies. The conductor comes and punches the tickets.
They read the book Polar Express, and by that time, we arrive at the North Pole. Santa steps out of his house and boards the train. This is Cayden when he sees Santa.
They were so excited. In a few minutes, Santa and his elf came on board, and Santa passed out the bells.
They give you plenty of time to snap pictures. 
 The chefs passed out song books and we all sang carols. 
No, they can't read, but they enjoyed the books. LOL 
 They loved the bells, and yes, we heard bells ringing for a long while. LOL After the visit to the light park, Shelby asked us to let her know when we got back to the "ho-show-n-tel" (hotel) because she was going to ring her bell. Poor baby, didn't make it because she fell asleep right after she said that. 
  The dolphin is Cayden's class mascot, Roxie. She has been in Cayden's class for 10 years, and she spent Thanksgiving week with Cayden. We had to be extra careful to not lose Roxie! Every child gets to take her home, and write a story about what they did with Roxie, plus add a couple of pictures in the little book. I think that's so neat that the same book is still going around with Roxie's travels.
 Thanks for looking at my pics. It was a fun, fun time with my grands!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meet Me on Monday!

It has been a couple of weeks since I've had time to participate in the questions from Java at Never Growing Old. Life has just been hectic around here, and it's not even Christmas yet!

1. What is your favorite way to eat chicken?
    If we are dieting, or staying on WW, I like to make blackened chicken. We really like it at anytime as it's good on salads. My favorite most fattening way is to make chicken enchildas. Mine are really good!

2. Have you decorated for Christmas yet?
     Yes, I'm glad to say we have. We did it all yesterday. Our grandson helped put the lights on the house. My DH helped me decorate the tree and the inside of the house, and then he made shrimp chowder last night for dinner. I was soooooo tired as I had been gone with my daughter and grands to ride the Polar Express the night before. (that will be another post.)
 This is a pic of my tree last year. I haven't had time to take one this year, but it looks the same, and I swear it is up!

3. What is your favorite article of clothing?
     That would be my old, faded, worn out tee shirts that I wear to sleep in and around the house. 

4. Do you pay your bills online or write checks the old way?
   My DH pays the bills online. I'm so glad I don't have to do that. 

5.  Do you make Christmas cookies?
   I have always tried to make some kind of cookies at Christmas. I've never been real successful at cookie making, but I love cookies. 
 Last year I made some Red Velvet Cookies from a recipe I found on a blog - Thoughts From Over the Rainbow. I even iced them, and they were delicious. I think I will make some more this year.

I hope everyone has a great week. Mine will be really busy - again!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Giveaway at A Baby Changes Everything...

 The owner of this blog, A Baby Changes Everything, is Teresa from Grammy Girlfriend

  A Baby Changes Everything is her Christmas blog. You all need to check it out and look at her wonderful decorations. She is having a giveaway, and all you have to do is leave a comment. Tell her I sent you! 
 Her husband had a stroke 10 weeks ago, and she had to take on the duties of Superwoman. I think she already was, but now her duties have multiplied. 
 Visit both blogs. You will be glad you did.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

 I just wanted to share some little happy faces from the back yard. This hanging pot was so heavy that it fell from the tree, but I thought it was pretty sitting in the fall leaves that had fallen. It's been very warm, but turning very cold by tomorrow.
  The colors you see in these pansies are their true colors. I don't know their specific name, but they are a different variety. My husband received this hanging basket as a birthday gift. I love the muted colors. They have tripled in quantity since he got the basket.
We had our Thanksgiving meal last night, and it was so much fun. Shelby recited every rhyme she knew and all of the book Brown Bear.  It was so cute!

 When Cayden saw the ham bone, he asked, "What animal did we cook to get this?" LOL

 I am home alone today SEWING the PAJAMAS! I will conquer! I have conquered those stripes!!!!!! Now to the hemming and buttons!!!

Blessings to all,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I just have to share this......

Pink Fig Designs is having a quilt giveaway. So go and check it out. I love beautiful fabrics, and these are really different and unique.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doctor Update....

 I just wanted to report that I had a good check up. They said everything looked really good, and they would see me in 6 months. Praising God! 

 I also want to tell you that the young man, John Major, who had the lung transplant is doing great. He is off the vent and breathing on his own. 

 I am still battling with the pajamas. I think I dreamed my sewing machine was chasing me. I guess I won because it's still on my desk. LOL

 Getting ready for our family Thanksgiving tomorrow night. When I got home, my hubby's brand new 2 mo. old computer had crashed. He called HP, and of course, got a guy from India. He couldn't understand him so he put me on the phone. I talked to him about an hour, and found out that Windows 7 is what crashed. Now the funny thing is that while we were talking the tech's computer went down. What is wrong in this picture? He even got tickled because I started laughing.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Some prayer requests......

 There seems to be so much sadness all around us this year. Please lift these people up in your prayers.

1. The family of my church friend that died in the car wreck last week - Shirley Permenter

2. Another church member died this morning from pancreatic cancer. He just found out less than a month ago.  Harold Ellison - his wife is Francis.

3. A friend in south Louisiana lost her step-son last week. He committed suicide - 20 yrs. old.

4.  A young man (sister to a former pageant friend) received a lung transplant in Houston last night. He has battled CF his whole life, and his lungs were just about gone. His name is John Major dePingre' (abt. 21). Please also pray for the donor's family - another 20 yr. old killed in a car wreck.

5. One of my husband's old classmates lost her son-in-law in a car wreck yesterday. Her daughter was driving, and she survived.

6. I go for my 6 month check up tomorrow with my surgeon that did my tongue surgery. This is the first time I was allowed to wait 6 months. I don't expect any bad news, but please say a prayer for me anyway.
Thanks everyone that reads this!

  I am sorry I have been so absent from blogging. I do appreciate those that read and comment on my blog. I am trying to make my grands some matching pj's for the Polar Express Train ride we are going to on Friday night, and they have REALLY challenged me. The fabric is red/white striped knit, and matching those stripes has nearly put my eyes out! I know I shouldn't be such a perfectionist, but if they aren't matched, the whole hem thing is completely off.

 I'm finally making headway, and I hope they are ready for a fitting on Wed. evening when we are having our Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope to be posting some cute pics of the grands real soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Good Giveaway we all can use!

 Go over to The Dalai Mama and enter. It doesn't take long. You can't win if you don't enter! Two gift cards will be given.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Horrible, Horrible Day!

 Just remember this. Life can change in the blink of an eye!

  I went to the drugstore and on to the grocery store this morning so I could get my errands done, and get back here to sew.

 As I got out of my car in the grocery store parking lot, I heard a big BAM! A truck had hit a car right on the passenger's side on the 4 lane highway. If I had been even one minute later, that collison would have also hit me. I was breathless and shaking as were a lot of people around me.

 I managed to get through with my grocery shopping, and when I checked out the girl said it was someone from our little town. Where we live, the Sabine River divides 2 small communities. I didn't immediately recognize the car, but I was so worried about who it was and was praying so hard. We knew she didn't survive.

 When I got home, I found out it was a sweet lady from our church that sat right behind us. Her name is Shirley Permenter. I just couldn't believe it. My heart aches for her family.

 The good news is that she is a child of God, and she will be reunited with her sweet daughter that passed away a couple of years ago.

  Ms. Shirley taught a lady's SS class for years, and she just gave it up last year. She has 2 daughters, a son, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
 Please keep them and her friends in your prayers.
Thanks so much,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

An unexpected award......

  I feel so honored to be picked for the Stylish Blogger Award by my friend, Deb,  over at Jeremiah 29:11. Deb's blog is an inspiration to many bloggers.

 I know a lot of you think awards are corny, but to me this lets me know that someone noticed my blog. I do appreciate it so much!

  I am supposed to share seven things about myself. Ummmm... most of you already know a lot of this, but I will try to add some new things you might not know.

1.  First, and foremost, I am a cancer survivor. That's the reason this blog was created in May 2008. I had nearly half of my tongue replaced with a part of my forearm. They even took the main vein from my wrist to my elbow for the blood supply in my tongue. All of this in my archives. I sort of consider myself a walking miracle, or rather a talking miracle! I was talking by the 9th day after surgery!

2.  I have been married for 39 years. We were set up on a date in college by a mutual friend to see The Lettermen. It went from there. We have 2 wonderful children, Emily - 36, and Cody - 33, and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

3. I grew up sewing. My mom taught me to sew and piece quilt tops. I entered one in the 4-H show in 8th grade and won 1st place.

4.  In college, I was a summer missionary for two summers. One summer was spent in Colorado, and the other summer was spent in Washington state around Seattle. It was a big learning experience for me. I had never been anywhere!

5.  I have a collection of Roman Seraphim Classic angels - the 12". I love them. Just looking at them always gives me a feeling of calmness. I believe in angels. (Two of my favorites.)

6.  As far as foods, I am pretty flexible, and love many different types of foods. I will tell you this. If I go to a different restaurant, before I order, I ask them if the food has any bell pepper in it. I cannot stand bell peppers cooked in foods. Gag! 

7.  Even though I love all holidays, I totally love the Christmas season. I have always said that no one should have to work during the month of December. LOL Now that I'm retired, I still don't have enough time to do all the things I would love to do, but at least I don't have the stress of working and trying to participate in Christmas festivities. I love seeing the kids faces when they open presents. It's just a sweet, sweet time for me, and I try to enjoy every minute that I can. I could go on and one, but I won't.

 Thanks again, Deb. Now I am supposed to name some blogs for this award. This is really hard as some of the ones I like the most have just received the same award.  I also know some blogs don't accept awards, so I'm just going to name some blogs that have inspired me in many ways. If you want to take the Stylish Blogger Award button, then please do and pass it on.

A Gathering of Thoughts
Baby Girl's Observations
The Gazebo House
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The Painted Garden
Bessie Mary
La Sewista!
My Devotional Thoughts

Shelby's Thanksgiving Feast

  Shelby is so shy that when her class did their little performance, she just stood there most of the time. This is a replay of her singing the song at home. Of course, this Mimi thinks it is quite precious!

That's her in the blue smocked dress on the end. LOL Poor little homely Pilgrim girl!

 Her mommy was sad because she couldn't go this time, so Mimi got up, drove to their house to cook the dressing (my oven is out), took it to daycare, took pictures and videos, took Shelby shopping with me, picked up Cayden from school, took them to the dollar store, and then home. Whew! Mimi felt like a superwoman! It was a fun day!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet Me on Monday....

 It's time for Meet Me on Monday over at Never Growing Old. Come and play along. It helps us all to get to know each other better.

1.  What is your favorite kind of pie?

   Gosh, I love lots of different pies, but I have to say that my husband makes the best chocolate pie you could ever imagine. He uses a bought crust, but no one even notices because the filling is soooooo good.

2.  Have you ever ran out of gas in the car you were driving?

  It does seem like maybe years ago we had a car that had a broken gas gauge, and we ran out of gas.  I do remember once I was taking the kids to school, and I didn't get dressed. I wore my house slippers, socks, and a very loud flowered print kaftan, and the car broke down. No cell phones then! Just picture that walking to a house to beg to use the phone!

3.  How many Languages do you speak?

 Just English - I never took any kind of foreign  Language.

4.  Do you take daily vitamins?

  I do take vitamins, or I try to remember. I feel better when I take vitamins. I was really better about taking them when I was teaching, and I do think that's one reason I hardly ever got sick. I also think it helped me when I had major surgery, or maybe I'm just a "tough cookie."

5.  What is your worst eating habit? 

  My worst eating habit...............ummmmm....................................
Probably just the fact that I like good food. My habits have changed a lot in the last year. I feel better when I don't eat too much or too much of the wrong type foods.
...............and I know what you are thinking...........hubby only makes chocolate pies for the holidays............LOL 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being Thankful!!

  I've noticed how many are doing the 30 days of thankfulness.

 My thoughts on this are that I'm so thankful that I have beat cancer, or I wouldn't be here to be thankful for anything else in my life!

 Simply stated. Simply true!

 Thirty days wouldn't even come close to listing all of my blessings!

 Thanks to my family, friends, and my blogging friends for making my life so fulfilled.

  Thanks to my God and Savior who thought my life was worth keeping on this earth for a little while longer!
 I love you all!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Would you vote for my granddaughter's picture?

  Today is the last day to vote, and I was thinking I had posted this, but I haven't.
 You have to be on FB to vote. Go to this LINK and LIKE the page - Lil Blue Boo - first.
 Then click on the link and click "like" under the picture.
 Here's the picture so you will know. Thanks soooo much!