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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Spy Quilts for the Grands!

 I have been planning these quilts for a while. I almost let time slip away from me so I had to get busy before the grands got too big!
 I did a couple of charm square swaps to get some of the squares, and I bought a few off of Ebay. Plus I added some of my own of scraps that I knew they would recognize.
 It was so much fun watching them open the quilts. It really thrilled my heart when I saw how much they really loved them. They are only lap quilts, but all three kids put them on their beds. Shelby cracks me up with her Christmas lights on the headboard.
 Here are some more pics. I embroidered a tag to sew on the back of each quilt. I wanted them to remember where they came from.  Cayden said he was so glad to have something to remember me by when I go to heaven. (That made me laugh and cry.)
 Shelby said it was nice to have a quilt because sometimes when people die, they wrap them in a quilt. (Literally LOL)
 Eric sleeps with his every night. Sweet boy!
 I did the quilting myself which was mostly in the ditch. I'm not that good at free motion, but I managed enough to quilt around their names. 
 I was pretty pleased with them. My husband asked how I was going to top this next year. I told him I wasn't! 

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End of the 2014 Sewing!

 I didn't get nearly as many projects done this past year as the year before, but I had good reasons. Having knee surgery on Oct. 30 is one reason, and the other is because I spent about a month or more working on three I Spy quilts for the grands. They loved them so it was well worth my time. 

 After I had surgery, and I had healed for a few weeks, I managed to monogram 2 stockings, and to applique 2 pajama tops for the little grands. I made these letters in Font Engine in my Embird program.

 Normally these shirts would have taken me about an hour, but this time they took me at least 1/2 a day each. I just couldn't sit in this chair for long at the time plus it always takes me forever to decide on which fabrics to use. At least I got them done!  Both of the designs came from

I have missed my actual sewing, and I hope to be back at that soon!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Missing in Action!

I doubt many have missed my posts because I haven't been keeping up my blog too good lately. 

 I had a knee replacement 5 weeks ago so that is one reason I've been away. It was rough at first, but my knee is doing good now. 

 My dear husband has been so good to take care of the house and tending to me. I don't know what I'd have done without him. I didn't have to go to a rehab or nursing home after the hospital. My doctor wanted me to come home and do physical therapy here along with using the CPM machine. Next week, I will be going to out patient rehab nearby. 

 In another week, I can officially start using a cane, but I've been practicing. My PT says I'm strong enough.  I haven't been out much, but I do walk outside everyday the weather permits.

 It's been a bummer in that I couldn't sew and make things for Christmas. I'm so glad I did make the little grands a special gift before I had surgery. I will post them after our family Christmas. 

 I do read a lot of blogs, but I missed out of doing that too for a while as I couldn't sit at the computer long at the time. I'm trying to get back into my old routines, but gosh, it's hard. 

 I did crank up the embroidery machine this week to monogram these stocking for my grandson and his girlfriend. He just bought his first home so he wanted to have a new stocking. The stockings were bought at Hobby Lobby.

 I do hope to try and blog more often. I don't want my blogging efforts to completely bite the dust!