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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Christmas in July! (Then and Now)

I'm glad that Carol at Just Let Me Quilt decided to have this blog hop. I had hoped to make something new to show, but that hasn't worked out.
I spent a lot of time making masks to donate, and then some that people paid me to do. After that slowed down, I had to catch up on some things for my great grands, and some things for gifts. My time is never my own!

I love, love Christmas any time of the year! I had intended to be sewing things for Christmas this summer, but time has gotten away from me. 

 So I'm going to share some things I did for past Christmases. I normally like to make the grands one thing for their gifts. We try to give each of them 3 things even if one is money. The older ones enjoy getting money, but we also try to make that fun. 
 Last year I embroidered the 3 older grands a bath towel, and we hid the money in the top of the box. I taped tissue paper over the envelope, and put lots of tissue in the box. It took them a couple of minutes to realize they had more than just a towel. 

 The funny thing is the rest of the family was sad because they didn't get their own personal towel!  That just makes me LOL! 

I also like to do something for the members of my Sunday School class. So I made them each a stocking with their name on it, and I put a small bottle of hand sanitizer in each one. At that time I had no clue as to how much those would be needed! 
I also embroidered a few Christmas dish towels to use for little gifts, and even made one for myself! 

 At Christmas, I like to do a few things for the little great grands to  wear. Mattie Jean wasn't due until after Christmas, but I embroidered her a little gown anyway so mom could take some pics after she was born. I did a shirt for Ellie. 

This is my planned project for Christmas! This isn't my picture. I bought the panel and some fabric to line it with. I really hope to get it done for Christmas even if I can't get all of it quilted. It will be perfect under my tree.

The best thing about this past Christmas was that all of our family was there for a picture! It's really hard these days with everyone on so many different schedules. Well, everyone except Mattie! She was born December 27!

Be sure to visit all of the blogs on this great hop! There are so many great ideas for Christmas!

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Thank you Carol for a fun hop!