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Monday, February 28, 2011

R.I.P. Sweet Midge....

 We lost a special friend this week. Midge used to sit on the same pew with us at church.
  This picture was taken at my Celebration of Life party last May. I'm so glad I have this wonderful pic of her.
 She has battled cancer, and she was in remission for a few years, and then it came back with a fury. 

  Midge was such a fighter. She never gave up! She was so courageous and so spunky. No one stayed more positive and focused on living life more fully than she did. 
There was never a time when I saw her that she didn't make me laugh. She walked with a cane, and every time she started picking on me, I'd tell her I was going to take her cane, and she could chase me for it. LOL!
  I could on and on with funny stories about Midge, but none of that will make me feel any better. 

  The best thing is that she is with our Lord above, and she is NOT suffering any longer. 

  She will be missed - by many............ 
Please pray for her family - her daughter, 2 granddaughters, and a very special little great-grandson that she adored.
Thanks so much.........

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Chillin'

 The grands are here, and we're just waiting until this evening to go to our local Mardi Gras parade. It's small which is fine with me! The kids will enjoy catching the beads and whatever else they throw.

 We have another new member to the family. We found another Yorkie. Her name is Mollie Mae and she's 7 months old. She's about half the size of Maggie Lou. Mollie looks like a Koala bear to me. LOL! She needs a little trimming.

 Maggie wasn't too happy about having Mollie here, but the good thing is that Mollie is already attached to Mr. C. So now we both basically have a lap dog. They are doing better today than last night, and I'm quite sure they will get used to each other.
  We've had several offers of people wanting to take Mollie should we decide that it's not going to work out, but we're giving it our best shot.
  Here's one last pic of sweet Shelby. She's such a sweet girl, and we have so much fun when she and Cayden are visiting.
 I still have a giveaway coming. I haven't had much luck finding the main thing I wanted to give so if I can't, I do have an alternate plan!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cayden's Six Year Old Pictures....

Our sweet grandson is growing up!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Flea Market Finds......

 I was really good, and didn't buy an awful lot. It was hard, but my problem is always deciding what to buy as I want it all!

  I have a collection of salt and pepper shakers. Some from my mom, some the kids gave me, and some I've picked up from flea markets and estate sales.

 I saw this one, and I just had to have it. It's made like an old wood burning stove with the kettles on top. The kettles are the salt and pepper shakers. I paid $3.00 for this.
 The next picture is a shelf I have most of my collection displayed on in my dining area. These aren't all, but these are my favorites. I also have a collection that I put out at Christmas.
  The tall shakers in the top middle section, and the 2 pair on the left top corner all belonged to my mom. They are very old. The little cut glass pair with the red tops were some my dad gave her when they got married.

  I don't know what to call my next little find except to say it's an organizer. It is very heavy, and I will use it in my sewing room to store things like extra scissors, notepads, etc.  It was $4.00.

  We have had some beautiful weather here the last few days. My grands came today, and we had a picnic down by the riverfront downtown. It was very windy, but very comfortable. The kids really enjoyed playing in the park. 

  I have a giveaway coming soon! As soon as I can get everything together to take a picture. I think you will like it!


Friday, February 18, 2011

From Winter to Spring...

 I made this Smores print outfit for Shelby in January. She was wearing it the day she got sick with the flu, and we never got a picture of her in it. Then mommy and daddy got sick, and I'm not sure she's even gotten to wear it again.
 I made the pink pants using some twill I purchased from Chez Ami. I had also purchased some pink, limegreen, and white stripe from there also. This next outfit was made so that she could wear the top with the pink pants until it gets warm enough to wear the shorts. I love sewing spring/summer outfits because it seems like they get so much more wear out of them.
 I had bought the lime green/pink polka dot and striped buttons when I got this fabric. I just thought they'd add a whimsical touch.
 The pattern is a vintage Butterick pattern that was bought at an antique shop. You see the original price? I don't know what year it was printed as it wasn't on the envelope. I sure do like the pattern and might just use it again.
  Now I have to decide what to make next. I participated in a fabric swap on one of my forums, and this is the fabric I received.

 Any suggestions?

Come back and visit again!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mug Mat Swap Revealed!

 I think I mentioned that I had participated in a Mug Mat Swap on Brynwood Needleworks Blog
  Everyone has been receiving their mug mats in the mail, and I received mine the other day. This is a pic of the one I received which was made by Carol at Serendipity Blog. Carol is very talented, and I love this mug mat. The best thing is that it is MINE! I never make anything for myself so I will really enjoy this. I also love the beautiful fabrics she chose.
 This is the back below. It's just as pretty as the front.

    I also want to show you the one I made for the swap. I found an old floral quilt block at an estate sale. I added some other prints that I hoped would make the flower stand out. 

 These are so much fun to make. I had made a previous post linking to the tutorial that Donna made on her blog. It should be listed in my January archives.

 Thanks, Donna, for hosting such a fun swap, and for the chance to get to know other fellow bloggers with the same interests.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Girl is doing Good!

   Our newest addition to the family has really been adjusting well. Maggie Lou has been here a week and 2 days, and it seems like she's always been ours.
 I took her to the vet and got her all checked out. Then she went to the groomer and got bathed, trimmed, and dressed up.

  She makes every step that I make, and lays beside me every chance she gets.
She has her own soft bed and blanket. She wanted to sleep with me, but I was successful in getting her to sleep in her bed. I didn't think it would be much fun when the grands come because one of them usually sleeps with me, and I knew this would be best for everyone.
  She has found a special place to sleep when I'm sewing, and I like her there because then I don't worry about stepping on her or rolling my chair on her foot. Maggie crawls up under my desk on a small shelf. I put a couple of scraps under there so she has a little padding.
  She is the sweetest little dog, and I'm so happy we found her. She loves to roam the yard, and today was such a beautiful spring like day that we took advantage of staying outside for a while.

 I will have to try and get a video of her when I leave because my hubby said she howls like a coyote with her head thrown back. It's nice to be loved!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Received a New Heart!

  Well, not literally! Remember when I posted about the "Heart from the Heart Swap" over at Mosaic Magpie? This post.

 I received my heart yesterday, and it is soooo beautifully done! Deb was my swap partner, and she did such delicate handwork on this heart - front and back! I love the green and burgundy colors on the front, and the neutral colors on the back. Both sides go perfectly in my shabby chic bedroom (previous post also).
 She also sent another smaller patchwork heart that is just so sweet! You would think Deb had known me all of her life to pick out everything that I love.
 Notice on the back - it says, "Forget me Not".....

 Sorry, the patchwork heart is a little blurry.

 While I'm here, I want to ask you to please say a prayer for Deb's husband who is in ICU with a lung infection. I know she would appreciate your prayers. 

 Thanks so much to Deb for hosting this swap, and for my beautiful hearts. 

 I will be doing another blog post in a day or two about my mug rugs. I've had a bit of a problem as my computer in my sewing room is sick, and I have to wait for a replacement or a repair. It's only a few months old, and I'm hoping it is just a repair so I can retrieve my favorites and the pictures I've loaded recently. Thank goodness I keep my embroidery files on an external hard drive as well as on my computer.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our New Baby Girl! (and 101 followers!!)

Meet Maggie Lou! She is the newest addition to our family. As many of you know, we lost our pom, Missy, in October. She was 16 years old, and we have missed her terribly. We tried to hold out until the summertime to get another dog, but we have sort of been looking.

 We really lucked up as this dog is about a year old, and pretty much out of that puppy stage where they are so much trouble. Her owner died a couple of months ago, and Maggie has been passed around in the family. The owner's sister decided to give her away so she could have more attention. They all had their own dogs, and she was just sort of a loner.

We may still get another puppy or small dog so she won't be lonely.
 She is really sweet, and just needs a little grooming which we will take care of next week.
 She brought a couple of her toys one being her own little purse. LOL
 I'm not used to a dog being under my feet in the kitchen as Missy wouldn't walk on the wooden floors. She is still exploring and getting used to us, but it looks like she has already decided to be my little sewing partner.

  I see my blog has reached 101 followers!! I have been saying that when I got to 100 I would have a giveaway, and I am. I just have to decide what it will be. So keep checking back!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Bath Salts Awareness - Spreading the Word....

  Some of you may remember a previous post of mine about the use of a drug disguised as Bath Salts. If you didn't read it, click HERE.

  Some very special friends of ours lost their son to this drug. Dickie committed suicide because of having such terriffic hallucinations.

  Dr. Rick Sanders, and Dr. Julie Lawrence Sanders have taken on a challenge to educate the public through their sorrow in order to hopefully prevent others from having to endure such a loss. 

  I'm linking up to 2 different interviews. One was made in New Orleans, and one was on the Today Show this past Monday. Yes, the Today Show! The Sanders are serious and determined to spread the word, and thank goodness people are listening.

  Click HERE for the TODAY video. (it may take a minute to load) 
  Click HERE for New Orleans video that was on FOX news.

  I do hope you will pass this information on. You never know when you might be saving someone's life. This is a new fad, and there isn't much awareness of its effects at this time. 

 We are heartbroken for our friends, and I ask that you say a prayer for them in their efforts to spread information about this drug.