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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Fall Sewing...

 I seem to always be in a time crunch, and it's getting worse. Where does time go?
 I ended up giving up sewing time to get my sewing room back in order. It was just driving me nuts! I had to do something before I could sew another stitch. I was exhausted, and still am! At least I can see daylight in here! Literally!

 Right before the big "clean up", I made Shelby these pants mostly so I could get a good fit before making more for Christmas. I had the pink shirt, and this little cat design was so darned cute! It looks like her own cat as you will see.

 My daughter took these pics, and the cat just insisted she be in them. That cat is a hoot! She follows those kids everywhere they go - just like a puppy dog!
 If they jump on the trampoline, so does she! Or she sits on the side. She has NO FEAR! 
     Thanks for stopping by! I have some more sewing to do, and I will be posting again soon!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Little Sewing - when there's time!

 What happened to being retired and doing what I want to do? LOL
  Well, most of the time I guess it's like that, but it sure seems like some weeks are spent in the road running here and there.
 I help to pick up my grands from school depending on how my daughter's schedule falls, and it's always different. It's not like I can go a few miles and be done. They go to school 45 miles from here and live a good ways from their school, but I do enjoy it when it happens, and it gives me a chance to see them.

  I did get started on some Christmas gifts, and I've made Shelby a couple of things.
 Shelby got a pretend American Girl doll recently, and she wanted some clothes which, of course, she wanted "yesterday!"

 On the day she got the doll from her other grandmother, Shelby got the iPod and made this video all by herself. We think it is hilarious, and if you take the time to watch it, I think you will get a big laugh also. 
  I had just made her this little dress/jumper below from Riley Blake Apple of my Eye fabric, and I had some scraps so I made a dress for the doll.
 Don't you just love those purple boots the doll has on? We also need to work on a shoe closet. :)
 The peasant dress below is one I made from a lounger of mine that I ripped. The fabric was so pretty, and I didn't want to waste it so I made it into a dress for Shelby. I had enlarged a pattern, and this was a good way to see if it would fit ok. I haven't gotten a report back on it yet, but I know she loved it when she saw it. 
 I made a little layered flower pin for the front so she would know which way to wear it, and also a belt in case she wanted a different look. I didn't make one for the doll. Really only had a few scraps left. Uh oh! 

 Shelby requested me to make her doll a gymnastics suit. (Shelby is taking gymnastics this year.) So I played around and came up with a pattern to hide that doll's partially cloth body. I used some fabric that I'd made Shelby a swimsuit with a couple of years ago. Shelby had forgotten about the swimsuit as it IS too little, but she found it, and now she's just ecstatic because they match.
Every night Shelby rolls out the comforter and some pillows to practice her flips and rolls on, and the doll has to do her flips and rolls also!
 I just love this age! So innocent, so loving, and just so much fun! 
  I hope I will have some more projects to share soon. Life has been busy, and I feel bad about not keeping my blog up to date, but I'm going to try and do better.

Come back to visit, and please let me know you were here!