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Monday, March 25, 2019

All About Strings!

 Today (March 26) is my day in the blog hop "All About Strings" sponsored by Carla Henton of Creatin' In The Sticks
 I'm sure there will be some beautiful and big projects! I know I will enjoy seeing them all. 
 When I was a young girl, my mom taught me how to paper piece quilt blocks. About all we had was newspaper and scraps that her friends would give her. I can say that she never wasted anything! I wish I knew how many quilt tops and quilts she made in her lifetime. Many were pretty simple and were made mostly for warmth. We lived in a cold house so we'd pile on the quilts in wintertime. 
 I pieced one string quilt top when I was in the 8th grade, and I won 1st place in the 4-H craft show.  My mom sold it and many others to buy me school clothes. My dad was a truck farmer so the winter months were pretty tight money wise. 
 Anyway, I've been looking at all of the rag rugs being made so I decided to try a little experiment. I didn't have the jelly roll batting so I used some really thick yarn I had in my stash. Well, it worked ok, but not as good as I'd have liked. It wanted to curl up in places. I started working ironing and laying it flat, and it is much better. I just wanted something by my bed as we have wood floors, and they get pretty cold. 
 My bedroom is sort of shabby chic so these colors work just fine. These are pics of my progress. Of course, it started with a scrap pile!

 Here is the finished rug! I didn't waste anything but time as this was a partial jelly roll I got in a yard sale. 

My other project was to do some paper piecing for a string quilt. I really enjoy this! I used some old Birds and Blooms magazines, and they worked just fine. No rhyme or reason to the piecing - just whatever piece I want to use. I chose to do 6 1/2" blocks as I have a ruler that size which really helps.

 I only have 6 blocks made because I had to stop and do some other projects for a gift. 
 I love these because you can twist and turn them all sorts of ways to get a totally different effect!

 Thanks for coming to visit! 

This is the schedule for the rest of the blog hop! I hope you have time to visit them all!

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