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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stool Makeover

 A few of you that read my blog probably remember me asking for your help to vote for my sewing stool to win a makeover a few weeks ago?
  Sooooooo ------ Guess what??  It won! The contest was on Facebook, and my sewing stool got the most likes for a makeover. My friends really came through for me!

  It was done by a local business called Junk Couture. April is so talented. 
  No more waiting! Here are the pics of the before and after.
 It turned out simply adorable! I let her use some fabric that I'd won from Jennifer Paganelli on a blog giveaway. I don't think we could have found anything that would have turned out any better than this!
  Thanks to April for having the contest, and again, I thank my friends from the bottom of my heart for voting. I know that a few of my blog friends also voted, and I thank you so much.
  On another note, as I have changed to following my blogs on Bloglovin, I am deleting some of the blogs I've been following for various reasons. Some just never post at all. (I promise to do better myself.)  Most just NEVER come to visit me or leave a comment or reply of any kind. I think some people just never learned blog courtesy.  So I plan to do more posting myself, and to use my time commenting and visiting blogs that take the time to act like I exist in the blog world. 
Hugs to all!  

Saturday, March 16, 2013


 Everyone says GFC is going to shut down in July so I wanted to be ready just in case.
  I saw a post about changing to Bloglovin so I signed up, and easily transported the blogs I follow to that. 
 If you notice at the top of my page, there is an icon so that you can follow me there if that's where you are also going
 The best thing I like about it so far is that I get a daily email with my blog updates! At least I won't forget to check on my favorite blogs if other things distract me during the day - which happens a lot lately. I wonder why? OK, don't even go there!!
  The weather here is beautiful right now, the pollen is coming down, and ball season has started! So I guess we can say Spring is here!
  I have some posts to catch upon real soon. So I will leave you with a pic of the grands during dress up week at school. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Awesome Makeover!

  Did any of you see this post today about the Sewing Room Makeover on Stitch Craft Create Blog?
 Go HERE to read about it! Wow! What a difference! It was sponsored by Babylock.

 I love, love this quote on the wall, and it's meaning!