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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Sewing Continued!

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 As always, December is the busiest month of the year. I really thought I had a good start on it all this year, but I feel like I was "coming up the rear" in a lot of ways.
  I did manage to get a few things made and ready for Christmas along with going to some parties and church events.
  You already saw Shelby's Christmas dress. Here is another pic of her and Cayden that was on my daughter's Christmas card. 
  This is Cayden and Shelby before Christmas wearing their pajamas I put appliques on using the letter of their names. I think they look so sweet here! Well, they are sweet!

 Shelby got an American Girl doll for Christmas along with some of the cheaper 18" dolls. She wanted them so we all got her one. I told my daughter she is only little once, and by next year, she may not enjoy playing with them like she does now. I vote for anything to keep them little!
  I made a few doll clothes, but I didn't have time to make a whole lot. Her other grandma bought her some, and she already had some so she is well fixed for now. 
 My daughter found this doll dresser/wardrobe at an auction for $45.00, and it is the cutest thing ever!
  My friend bought her this pink/animal print coat and hat back in the summer. Our temps have been so warm that she didn't really need it until now so I kept it for a while so I could try and make the doll one to match. I couldn't find the exact fleece, but this did good, and Shelby loved it!

 I liked working on the little shoes, and I plan to do some more. These were done in a hurry so I told her they were house slippers. :)
  I made some pillows for all 4 of the dolls for Santa to bring. She was satisfied when her mom told her that Mrs. Claus made them. I can't wait to see what she tells me as she knows you have to use a special machine to do this. 
  They had a very good Christmas, and we are all so blessed and thankful for our sweet grands. My heart goes out to the families, faculty, and all who were effected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. They are always in my prayers.

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