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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tonya is home at last...

Praise God! Tonya came home on Monday from the hospital after being there for 6 weeks, and 5 of those were in ICU.
She is doing good. She had to bring home a little oxygen to help her when she walks, but all in all, she has made some gigantic improvements.
I went to keep Cayden and Shelby today for Emily to sleep. She worked last night, and will work tonight. Shelby has had a runny nose, and a terrible cough. She started running fever so Emily is taking her to the dr. tomorrow.
Cayden makes me laugh so hard. Shelby asked me to read her a book, and I left my glasses at home so I told her I couldn't read the book, but we could just look at it. Cayden said, "Mimi, I think I have something that will help you read." I had no clue as to what he was talking about. He came out with a toy magnifying glass. LOL Cracks me up that at his age he knows what helps these old eyes.
I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Ours was good. We just missed Tonya being here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is coming!!

We have all been very busy as everyone is this time of year. I wish the month of December wasn't so hectic. I had really hoped to enjoy this month since it is the first December after my retirement. Well, I have enjoyed several things. It's just been hard with Tonya still in the hospital.
They moved her to Cornerstone Hospital in Bossier. She is doing a little better, but her lungs still haven't cleared. She is still in ICU, and about to go crazy. They said she didn't have H1N1 after all, but she has been very sick.
She is depressed since she can't be home for Christmas. We just hope she can get into a room soon.
I went with Emily and the kids last weekend to ride the Polar Express in Palestine. That was awesome! We had so much fun, and it just thrilled my heart to watch those babies' eyes when Santa walked in. Cayden is so excited about Christmas. He is almost 5, and this is just a wonderful time for him. He's so smart yet still so innocent. Shelby just cracks us up with her opinionated answers.
We will have Christmas here on Sunday. We're just sorry Tonya can't be here. Cody and the boys will do the best they can to celebrate with her. There is just no room in her ICU room for more than 3.
Please keep her in your prayers.
My shoulder is about the same. No better, no worse.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!