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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Doctor visit...

Or maybe I should say "doctors". I walked in and there were 5 or 6 of my doctors standing in the hallway. They said, "Pick a doctor!" Well, I couldn't stop at one.
I had 3 hovering over me at one time. One was checking my tongue, and one was checking the packed place on my neck, and the two of them were checking to see how my trac was healing. I had a few stitches removed in my tongue because they were a little abscessed, but they said nothing to worry about. It's just gook that accumulates around those stitches. They said it was healing just fine.
My arm is doing better also. I keep asking about the numbness in my thumb, and he said I would probably always have some numbness, but the tip of my thumb should get some of the feeling back, but it may take a while. At least it's my left hand.
I had a little more pain in my neck over the weekend, but it seems to be better now, so they are cutting down on my pain meds, or rather changing them to something else, and I can also take some ibuprofen in between.
I don't have to go back for 2 weeks this time. They said in 2 weeks I should see a lot more improvement.
So please keep the prayers coming. I know those prayers have gotten me this far.
Love you all,


Jerry said...

Shirley, each time you post the news gets better and better! Two weeks will fly by and by then you will be chasing Clay! Run, Clay!!

Carlene said...

I am not sure if even 1 Doctor has ever met me in the hallway let alone 6! LOL As a matter of fact I have to sit and wait and wait for my turn to see the Doctor. I have gone through every magazine they have at times. LOL
You are very special indeed!

I am so happy to hear that things are healing for you! Slowly but surely is what it takes! Keep up those smiles and we all will keep our good thoughts and prayers with you all!

Jay D Wyatt said...

Awesome report, Shirley! You have a wondeful team of doctors. I am so glad you are healing so nicely.

Of course the prayers will continue. You keep up the good work!

Love you,

Jay Dawn

Melana (Ozarknana) said...

My thoughts and deepest prayers are with you and your family through this and into the weeks and months are a very special lady...

Anonymous said...

That's our Shirley....
THE STAR where ever she goes!!!
~:-D Mama Lisa