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Thursday, March 12, 2009

What makes my heart sing!!

I'm just mostly putting pictures here because this is what today's entry is about. I wish a camera could capture all of the cute faces and things they say.

Cayden is 4 and he wants to investigate everything by interrogating everyone until he gets the answers he needs. Now a lot of things he figures out on his own, and that's when we have the most fun watching his face while his brain is doing the work.

For instance, Emily told him to clean up his toys before they came down last Wednesday, and he quickly told her "Why do I have to pick up my toys? Mimi and Paw Paw aren't coming here?" After being here, and playing in the back yard for a while in his favorite tree, he slipped and skinned his belly. He told me that we needed to buy them some toys to play with outside. So PawPaw, that's your job.

To me, as a former teacher, his art is amazing. He notices so many little details whereas most kids his age just scribble. He has learned a lot in daycare, but Mimi still thinks he is a little beyond his years. He has been drawing since he could stand in front of an easel with chalk.

Now Miss Shelby - totally opposite. She is all girl, but she does love to play outside. She has really come into her own personality the last few weeks and surprised us all with some of the things she's doing. She's even smiling and speaking to people in restaurants and at the doctor's office. She got into a fight with a little boy at Toy Fair the other day over a riding toy. She normally only does that with Cayden. I guess she's testing her territory.

So if those that read this haven't had the grandparent experience yet, I hope God is good and you get to enjoy such special times.

If you're wondering about Clayton and Bubba, they will be coming up on their own special page. I need some pics of Clayton. He slips in and out and we forget to get pics, but it will happen. We are also proud of them.

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