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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Post Surgery Update/Bad Daughter Confession

OKAY, I am so sorry for all of you that have been wondering about mom. She is as dad says, "home, drugged and fed" lol. He is still not the nurse even after all they went through last summer. But he tries so he deserves a little credit, right?

Yes, it is 7:45 and I do apologize for that. I got home with the kids around 4ish and layed on my bed while they played with legos that I retrieved from storage. Then I messed around a bit in Shelby's new big girl room. Then I uploaded some pictures to facebook. Then Dinner. All of that equals BAD DAUGHTER! I just got an email in all caps from mom saying that I had not updated a special friend via email that mom had requested I do so. I am SOOOO very sorry!

So enough about me. :) The doctor seemed very pleased about the surgery and feels that mom will make a full recovery. She has a pretty high tolerance for pain and obviously after all she went through last summer this is a piece of cake, well almost.

Tonya, Dad and I were waiting for consult from the doctor for about 30 minutes when in walks some OTHER doctor. We didn't know it wasn't our doctor and starts talking about putting a screw in and the toes were all curled under, etc. etc. We obviously realized that he was not our doctor. I had a moment of panic though thinking he had operated on the wrong body part, lol.

Then another doctor walked in and didn't get very far before we realized he wasn't the right doctor either.

We finally got to see mom. Seems like her doctor was having some personal things going on in his life. Please say a little prayer for his unborn son. His pregnant wife was having to have a high risk ultra sound at 31 weeks. He didn't go into detail but just pray that everything is okay and their unborn son is born healthy and happy!

So that is the update. I am sure in no time mom will be typing away, one handed of course!

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Carlene said...

Thank you Emily for the update! We all know no news is good news! But yes some of US still worry! LOL

I think she is using all caps so we wouldn't grade her typing skills one handed! LOL God forbid she didn't capitalize properly!

Hang in there Clay!

Take care Shirley looking forward to a speedy recovery!