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Monday, November 29, 2010

Polar Express Train Ride November 2010

 I have been trying to get these pics up ever since I got home. We decorated for Christmas, and I could hardly move yesterday!
 We had so much fun. This train is in Palestine, TX which is about 2 hours from here. We plan to spend the night so we can drive through the Christmas Park to see the lights. That will have to be another post. They were beautiful!
 First thing - notice those pajamas that nearly drove me crazy matching those stripes! They did turn out pretty cute, and several people asked where we found them.
First the chefs came down the isles dancing and clapping. The kids can dance with them. Cayden did this last year, but not Shelby. Let me tell you, she didn't miss a beat this year. She has come out of her shell so much.

Then they serve hot chocolate and cookies. The conductor comes and punches the tickets.
They read the book Polar Express, and by that time, we arrive at the North Pole. Santa steps out of his house and boards the train. This is Cayden when he sees Santa.
They were so excited. In a few minutes, Santa and his elf came on board, and Santa passed out the bells.
They give you plenty of time to snap pictures. 
 The chefs passed out song books and we all sang carols. 
No, they can't read, but they enjoyed the books. LOL 
 They loved the bells, and yes, we heard bells ringing for a long while. LOL After the visit to the light park, Shelby asked us to let her know when we got back to the "ho-show-n-tel" (hotel) because she was going to ring her bell. Poor baby, didn't make it because she fell asleep right after she said that. 
  The dolphin is Cayden's class mascot, Roxie. She has been in Cayden's class for 10 years, and she spent Thanksgiving week with Cayden. We had to be extra careful to not lose Roxie! Every child gets to take her home, and write a story about what they did with Roxie, plus add a couple of pictures in the little book. I think that's so neat that the same book is still going around with Roxie's travels.
 Thanks for looking at my pics. It was a fun, fun time with my grands!



Sherry said...

What a wonderful trip to take little ones on. The pj's are adorable. I am sure that this will be a wonderful memory for the little ones. Thanks for sharing about your very special time together. I love the Polar Express book!

Rebecca said...

You are entered my friend!



Christie Cottage said...

Loolike a blast! I see the pjs! Great job!

Memories for a lifetime!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Simple Southern Happiness said...

The pj's are perfect girl, it was worth all your troubles.

I tell you are truly blessed to have these sweet babies and what memories they and you will have. I totally loved reading this post and I could see my mind drifting to the movie. I could hear your sweet babies singing and the bells. What precious story they will write in Roxie's travel book.

Stay safe..

Deb said...

Oh, my gosh, Ms. Shirley...those pj's are adorable!!! What a brave woman you are to make them out of stripes!!! Thank you so very much for always being such a faithful blogging friend and commenting @ Jeremiah 29:11....we do seem to think a lot alike!!! :)

Emily Simmons said...

I am stealing this post and putting it on my blog! love it!