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Monday, January 17, 2011

Cayden Learns about Embroidery....

 My little grandson, Cayden (almost 6), asked me the other day how I wrote his name on his jackets, etc. I tried to explain to him I used a machine, which he didn't remember seeing in my sewing room.

 I then asked him if he knew what a needle was. His answer, "It's a stick with a hole in it, and you put string in the hole." Yay! You're on the right track. 

 So I promised him the next time he came to Mimi's house that I would show him how it worked. Of course, he didn't forget, but neither did Mimi.

 I let him pick a color, and he didn't even hesitate when he chose blue. I explained to him about how he could NOT touch anything once the machine started, and he totally understood.

 He watched me thread the machine, and when it started stitching, that boy got so tickled. He laughed and laughed - not being silly - he was just so mystified with it all. He said he hoped that when he got big that he could learn how to do that. (We won't tell his dad.)
 I snapped a couple pics of him watching.

 Then I had to let Shelby have a turn.(Sorry, I didn't get a pic.)  At 3 years old, she wasn't just totally overwhelmed, but she did pick out purple thread, of course! Once it started stitching, she said, "Mimi, you put in purple, and it's painting my name!"
 Pretty good observation, Shelby! 

 We had so much fun while they were here especially considering it was raining the whole time, and we couldn't get outside.

We can't wait until the weather gets warm, and they can play outside while Mimi and PawPaw sit and rock on the patio! 

 These ages 3 1/2 and 6, are so much easier. Now they can bring us water and put in their own DVD's. LOL 
    Life is Good!


Rettabug said...

How sweet! Your Cayden & my sweet Caroline would make a great pair...she loves to *help* me sew, too. She knows exactly which buttons to push to thread the needle, lower the pressure foot & "green means go" to start the embroidery! Too fun!!! Wish I'd thought to capture photos like you did. Next time!

Christie Cottage said...

Love it!

My grandson who is 6, asked me to teach him to knit. Well, I got him out some needles and a small ball of yarn. We did this for a couple of days last summer. His Dad came to pick him up and said "What is this???" LOL I said he wants to learn to knit and I am going to teach him. I don't think it is as much fun as he thought it would be. My son smiled and said. OK then :-)


Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged. Proverbs 17:6


Julia said...

Oh the memories you are making for these grands!

MosaicMagpie said...

What a precious photo and the joy on his face shows he is having a grand time!

Simple Southern Happiness said...

What precious memories you are creating that he will carry all through his life with him.

I can just here the giggles from here, his face says it all. I think you have a new helper....