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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cooking Up Some Thanksgiving Memories!

Thanksgiving will arrive tomorrow, but who said we can't make a few memories ahead of time!
  My DH is the dressing maker in the family, and he's already made 3 batches for 3 different occasions including ours for tomorrow. He is the best!
  Since our grands were out of school this week, and their parents had to work, we said we'd help out with the babysitting. We got up early Tuesday morning and drove the 30 min. drive to get them. When we arrived at 7:00 a.m., they were standing in the carport with their elves stuffed under their shirts. They thought we wouldn't let them bring those mischievous elves so they hid them. LOL
 The weather was fairly nice as it had rained early that morning. They couldn't play in the yard, but thank goodness we have a patio! They started dragging out various objects from the utility room and around the yard. 
  The best way to describe this is just to show pics. We got quite a few laughs from their concoctions! 
Oh yes, you're seeing right! That's my good ice bucket out there. We finally had to confiscate it back.

A little frog stew, anyone?

Cayden is very creative, and he will take any piece of trash and make things out of it. Today he said he thought it would be neat to be the "Dump Man" because you could find all sorts of neat things there. LOL
  I'll show one more pic. PawPaw was (supposed to be) watching the kids while I made some coffee. Cayden built this tower out of the bricks. EEK! Mimi nearly had a heart attack thinking about how bad it would have hurt if the bricks had fallen. 
 I promise you we DO watch our grands! 
 I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! Blogger is not letting me do as I want tonight. So I will end it here.


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Yes, that is the mom in us, we see the danger but the men see creativity. Cayden sure has got it right, there is treasure in trash. What good memories you are creating.

I pray you all have a SAFE and Blessed Thanksgiving.

MosaicMagpie said...

That Cayden sounds like my dream man! We share the same trash philosophy. The only trouble is he was born about 50 years too late!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving friend!

Bossy Betty said...

They were busy AND creative too! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

EmptyNester said...

That's the way it is with us too...moms always see the potential danger and practice prevention and the dads always just wait until the accident happens and then they say, "What?" LOL

Rettabug said...

I'm impressed with their wonderful creativity, even though it was a little dangerous.

Would you believe Caroline's Dad was playing with her when her brother tackled her & broke her wrist??? Yep, an ER doc, standing right there, didn't have the sense to realize it was getting rough & prevent the accident. *sigh*

Hope all your T'day celebrations were wonderful!