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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Life Happens!

 Both of our kids planned back to back vacations in Florida, and both invited us to come and stay with them. 
 Years ago, we would either pay for a condo or help pay for a condo, so this would be a nice treat for us. We always love watching the kids play in the water. 
 Due to work schedules, they couldn't plan for the same week. We went with our daughter and her kids on May 19th, and had planned to stay until the 26th when our son was going.

 Emily's husband had planned to fly down on Tuesday due to work and his dad being sick. Things took a drastic turn for the worst, and Troy never got to come. So Emily and the kids left out that Tuesday and came home. 
 It was so quiet without them, and we were so bored, we decided to come on home on Wednesday. Troy's dad, Jimmy, passed away Wednesday morning. We knew we'd made the right decision. Cayden and Shelby have never lost anyone close to them, and we wanted to be close for support. Plus we thought a lot of Jimmy, and had spent time celebrating birthdays with him and Shelby. Jimmy had also gone to the same rehab as my husband in the last couple of months so we saw him pretty often. He was such a fine example of a Christian man. He will be greatly missed!  His wife, Dorris is really having a hard time. They'd been married 56 years.
 Shelby is always taking pics on her iPod, and she took this one only a few weeks before they lost Jimmy. It is very treasured now! 

 When we got home on that Wednesday, we found another problem. My bathroom had flooded onto my bedroom carpet. It was only a few feet into the bedroom so we sopped and kept sopping towels to dry it out. Then I ran a fan on it for days. We just didn't have time to try and pull it up at that time. We are getting new floors in there, the 2nd bedroom, and the bathroom. That has kept us busy cleaning out and putting things out of the way. 
 My son and his family went to FL on the 26th knowing Alberto was approaching, but it ended up not being that bad. We would have probably gone back if we hadn't feared being in the bad weather. 

 On the way there, our grandson, Clayton, and his fiance', Emily, were involved in a major wreck on I-10 close to Pensacola. It's a miracle they weren't killed or injured badly. We're so thankful they were ok. A big truck jack-knifed, and hit them from the rear throwing them into the guard rail. Then another car hit them. I think there was a wreck up ahead, and the cars started slowing down. People drive way too fast on I-10. It's even hard to stop if you're not going over the speed limit.
 My son had to unload at the condo and then drive back an hour and a half to get Clayton and their stuff. What a day for them!
 So Clayton had to get a rental car as their car was totaled in the wreck. That unnerved me so badly I cried for days.  

 I know only a few will probably read all of this, but I wanted to keep this for a reminder of just how good God is! 
 I will be participating in the "Where Flowers Bloom" blog hop starting June 11th! I hope you come to visit!

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Julie said...

You've had quite a month within a month! I'm sorry for your loss, but glad your son was okay. I agree. God is good. God is good.