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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Christmas Sewing Update!

 I feel bad for not posting more often. It seems my time just gets away from me. I spend a lot of time reading blogs so I need to do better.
 I worked really hard through November and December making stuff for my great granddaughter, and a few odds and ends. So after Christmas I decided to do a few things for myself. I've started on a rag rug, and a new quilt. Of course, there will always be interruptions with other projects. 
 The first things are some Christmas shirts for Ellie, and the bottom pic is shirts for her and her cousin, Trent. They are so cute together.  Since Ellie didn't need more toys, these were part of her Christmas presents from us.

 I also did her a cute little outfit. I didn't make it, but I had to alter it to fit. I just love the elf legs. 


 I bought the ruffle shirts, pjs, and this buffalo print dress from ARB Blanks. All I did on the dress was put a simple outline of a deer. I think it's so cute! I did make the red/white striped leggings so she'd have something to wear with her shirts.

 For all of the girls in the family - including adults - I made some ornaments. The designs are from Applique Market except for the snowman. He's from Golden Needle Designs, and he holds candy. He was for Ellie, the great grand.
 At nearly the last minute, I got a request to make my granddaughter, Shelby, a purple minky blanket. She'd seen the fabric at Hobby Lobby, and even sent me pics. She is such a trip for an 11 yr old. 
 So I bought the fabric and decided to make a fleece blanket for the 2 grandsons (the younger ones). I did one in Star Wars theme for Eric and one in Marvel Comics because Cayden collects those. 
They all loved them, but Shelby was the most thrilled.

I love making the grands happy, and I love they they still love for me to make them things.
  So now on to other things. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and can enjoy lots of sewing. 
 Sewing is my therapy! 



Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Shirley! Oh how I love that Shelby was so involved in her minky blanket. She saw the fabric and sent you a picture!! How sweet is that, and you couldn't possibly get it wrong that way could you. The Marvel Comics was a great idea too. That reminds me of the Big Bang guys, so your grandson is in good company. Your ornaments are so cute, especially Ellie's! And Ellie is adorable herself. We just had a new great-niece on January 4th so she missed out on this last Christmas. I've already got so many idea for this year. Only 340 days or so to get stuff finished. ~smile~ Roseanne

Deonn said...

This is why we make stuff - Look at the smiles on all their faces! And those quilts will be like a big hug to wrap in. Darling.