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Friday, January 19, 2018

Missing in Action!

Good morning from the deep South! I know it's been a while, but I'm going to try and start back blogging as often as I can.
Life happens! I've not stopped sewing! My sewing is just sporadic at times. Sometimes it's for mission projects and sometimes for my grands.
My Shelby is going on eleven so I don't sew for her as much. We have a new great-granddaughter, Ellie. I'm enjoying sewing for her when I have time.
My church mission group keeps me busy making care bags for a domestic abuse shelter close to here. I'm the only one that sews so that makes it hard, but I do enjoy it.
The biggest change came in December when my husband had a major heart attack. Our whole life has changed, and it's also very busy at times. He's doing much better, but he takes a lot of my attention. Some days more than others. I had to take up running all of the errands and driving. I've never liked driving!
I know things will get better, but it's going to take a while. He starts cardiac rehab next week so that will involve lots of driving. I'm hoping it won't be long until he can help with that.
These are some of the bags, and a pic of what we put in them. Louisiana has a whole lot of domestic abuse cases. I was able to visit one of the shelters. It is an old two story building with no signs of any kind. It's kept locked, and someone stays there 24/7 to service whoever is living there. They try to help the ladies to become independent, find jobs, and start over.
Of course, many don't stay but a day or two and go back to their abuser. They're offered counseling and lots of support, but that is their own decision.

I will be adding some more posts. I hope there's a few people who will follow and read my posts. I love reading blogs!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sewing Room Randomness....

  "Where I Sew".

I love my sewing room. I spend the majority of my time in here. Since I took these pics, I have added a cutting table I bought from Joann Fabrics. It is a life saver for me! 

 My husband bought me furniture from the Christopher Lowell collection when he retired from teaching. (He's since gone back to work. He loves working. LOL)
 I'll share a few pics of my area. A few things have been rearranged since I took these pics, or I should say that I have a little more junk. I do clean out about twice a year.
 I have 2 big desks. My embroidery machine and serger sit on one. My computer and smaller sewing machine sit on the other. My chair sits in between. That part is really convenient for me to sew and embroider at the same time.

I lucked upon this Brother machine at a yard sale for $45. It sews like a dream. The lady sold it because she didn't know how to thread it. So I put my little Janome away for now, and use this one. I hope to teach sewing lessons one day soon.

I have a big armoire that has lots of storage room, and it also holds my TV. The desks both have drawers and cubby holes that hold thread, stabilizers, and my notions.

                This pillow is SEW me!!!

My tiny ironing board my son-in-law found at a yard sale. It really helps on kids things. 
Below is my Sew Beautiful magazines, and all of my patterns. I put them in binders, and they are so much easier to find.

My "most used colors" of thread sit in a tray that my daughter bought make-up in a few years ago. She tossed it out, and I grabbed it. I wish I had another one. It is just perfect to slide in my cubby space in my desk.

 I have an extra chair if anyone wants to come and sew. Anyone want to come? I also use it as an extra work station.
 I really need to make a space for a small, narrow table to use just for sewing. I don't really have enough room on my desks with the machine and the computer monitor. I feel I could find something perfect at Ikea if I ever get to go. 

 I've been working on reorganizing my sewing room, as always this time of year. My daughter made me some vinyl chalkboard labels, and I bought a few. It has made a world of difference in being able to see what is in my bins in the closet. 
 She did an etched design on this jar I put some old wooden spools in that came from my mom's stash. 

  Now for the humor part. I collect threads from my embroidery snippings. I only put embroidery threads in this red bucket. Any ideas for what to do with them? They are pretty to gaze upon!
Since I took the pic of the bucket, I've bought a 12 needle Babylock Embellisher, and I've used some of the threads with that. I still need to find more projects to do using the threads.
Happy Sewing Everyone!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mug Rug Swap on FWFS - The One I Sent!

 The person I sent my mug rug to never posted it on the Linky page for Fort Worth Fabric Studio blog so I'm posting a picture myself. 
 These swaps are fun if everyone follows through. At least I did get one in return whereas some people didn't. 
 Anyway, this is the one I made for the person's name I got which is Julia Juedes. I don't know her or even if she has a blog. I hope all is well with her. 
 I thought it would be fun to do a little embroidery and use some stitches on my machine.  Sorry the last picture is blurry. I should have checked it when I loaded it, but you can see that I used variegated thread. 

 It was fun, and thanks again to Lindsey for hosting the swap.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mug Rug Swap FWFS

 Lindsey at the Ft. Worth Fabric Studio blog is hosting a mug rug swap. I thought it would be fun to join.This is the mug rug I received from Tracey Hindman. If I find out she has a blog, I will come back and edit my post.

 Thank you Tracy for the beautiful mug rug made with my most favorite colors! She also sent me a pretty fat quarter which will come in very handy. 
 I love it all including the sweet note!

 Thank you, Lindsey, for hosting a fun way to share and meet new people!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Voting Begins on Nancy's Zieman's Pillow Challenge!

  Voting begins today on the Pillow Challenge (my last blog post here). Voting end March 14.
 My pillow is the black one that says "Creativity Comes Out of Chaos". (pic below) I would appreciate your votes, but I know there are many gorgeous entries. You can vote up to 5 times!
Voting Link.

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nancy Zieman's 2015 Pillow Challenge!

 I follow Nancy's blog, and when I saw this post, I knew I wanted to enter. I had planned to enter more than one pillow, but time got away from me, and my embroidery machine broke.
 So I'm just entering the one, but it is my all time favorite!
 Voting starts on March 7, 2015. I will post again when the link is available. 
 I know many of you can relate to this for sure! My friend, Jenny, and I made her one several years ago, and I finally got around to making myself one. I look at it everyday when I come into my sewing room!

 Pictures really don't do it justice! I used several different fonts on my computer to make the words in Font Engine from Embird. I love Embird embroidery software! 
 I hope you will vote for my pillow! Thanks! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Surprise Gift in the Mail!

It's so much fun to receive a gift in the mail, and especially a surprise gift from a friend. 

 Today I received this box of note cards that are images of vintage McCalls patterns. They are so darned cute! 

 The side of the box looks like a tape measure, and the envelopes look like pattern print. 

 Let me just say I am one happy girl!

If you want some for yourself, you can order them here at BasBleu
 Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Going to the chapel............

 Not me, but our grandson, Bubba, got engaged during Christmas. We are all so excited! He arranged the cutest way to surprise his girlfriend, Alyssa. She had no clue until she turned around that he was asking her to marry him. He had asked a photographer friend to play along like they were shooting a promo for her business. 

Alyssa made special cards to ask her bridesmaids to be in her wedding, and she also made one for our Shelby when she asked her to be her flower girl. Shelby is so excited! She loves Bubba and Alyssa so much! 
They are entered in a contest on Facebook to win a bridal package using a really cute photo booth at their wedding. If you are on FB, would you please click on this picture link, and vote for them? We would all appreciate it so much. There will also be some other prizes, and you all know how expensive weddings can be. Oh, the happy day will be September 26, 2015! 
Pixie Flash It will be the pic posted below:

Thanks so much!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Latest Win!!

 I love Facebook giveaways because they are usually the easiest. Smartneedle had a giveaway recently and I won this darling little sewing machine USB drive! 
 They also sent a bobbin holder and a tiny sewing kit for your purse. 
 I just love it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Spy Quilts for the Grands!

 I have been planning these quilts for a while. I almost let time slip away from me so I had to get busy before the grands got too big!
 I did a couple of charm square swaps to get some of the squares, and I bought a few off of Ebay. Plus I added some of my own of scraps that I knew they would recognize.
 It was so much fun watching them open the quilts. It really thrilled my heart when I saw how much they really loved them. They are only lap quilts, but all three kids put them on their beds. Shelby cracks me up with her Christmas lights on the headboard.
 Here are some more pics. I embroidered a tag to sew on the back of each quilt. I wanted them to remember where they came from.  Cayden said he was so glad to have something to remember me by when I go to heaven. (That made me laugh and cry.)
 Shelby said it was nice to have a quilt because sometimes when people die, they wrap them in a quilt. (Literally LOL)
 Eric sleeps with his every night. Sweet boy!
 I did the quilting myself which was mostly in the ditch. I'm not that good at free motion, but I managed enough to quilt around their names. 
 I was pretty pleased with them. My husband asked how I was going to top this next year. I told him I wasn't! 

Thanks for visiting!