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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our decorating....

 I have been intending to get some pics posted, but time has just slipped away from me. I've been admiring many of the pics of my blogger friends who posted their Christmas trees and other decorations.
 It's always hard to get good pics of the tree. I hope you can tell that it is a flocked tree decorated with red decorations, and a few other old time favorites thrown in. I love decorating my tree every year. It's just hard since I can't raise my left arm up very high so I usually get my hubby to help out.
I also decorate the kitchen and sun room. There's nothing really special in the sun room. Just a few things we've collected over the years. The linen cloth on my coffee table is real Irish linen from Ireland.

I love these 3 wise men. They are stained glass, and you light tea lights behind them. I will try to get better pics one night when everything is lit.

 I love my kitchen at Christmas because it's already red! My DIL made my centerpiece, or rather, she remade it because it had almost bit the dust! The dishes are from Hallmark, and they were all hand painted. You can tell because they aren't exactly alike.
In one corner, I put out my collection of Christmas tins. Some of these I've had a long time. I love the old Oreo tins, but they are hard to find anymore. I still keep my eyes out whenever I go to a flea market.

The opposite corner has a very small baker's rack with our Snowman cider dispenser, and other litle things that are dear to me. I have a collection of salt and pepper shakers so I change them out at Christmas to my Christmas collection. Except for the 2 talls ones on the top center shelf. They always stay there. Those were my mom's, and they are very old.
The last pics I'm posting today are of my own kids' Christmas stockings. We still put them out every year, and sometimes we put a little surprise in them. They were handmade at a church bazaar.

I do have a few more pics, but I will save them for another day. I also know I wrote most of this in first person,  but believe me, my husband enjoys all of this stuff as much as I do, and he always helps with the decorating.
 Thanks for looking, and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!


Breathing In Grace said...

I love it all...but, especially your's gorgeous!!!

Ellie Inspired said...

I think I could move right in Shirley! We decorate in much the same way. I collect old tins too. But your! That is the prettiest I have ever seen! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful Shirley! I love flocked trees and you dont see them often. The 3 wise men are just gorgeous as well. I love that you still hang your kids stockings. I bet that brings back wonderful memories each and every time. Merry Christmas to you and your husband!

BConky said...

It's beautiful. Your tree is gorgeous.

Christie Cottage said...


Thanks for sharing!


nonie everythingsewing said...

I love it!! I could spend hours looking at all your pretties, You really put me in the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas Shirley


Anonymous said...

All your decorations are beautiful - especially your tree. I still put out my girls' stockings - ones I made in 1980. But, they still want them filled!!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Somehow I missed this post. MY GOODNESS you sure have a lovely holiday decor. I Adore your tree and the feathered top to it. Is perfect. And your 3 wisemen, Love them!
Perfect handmade works of art to be handed down are the stockings. Awesome!

Lauranie said...

Hope you had a good Christmas!! Your decorations are beautiful! I love the stained glass wise men!! My mom still puts our stockings up too. A friend made them years ago, the girls are shaped like a Victorian boot!