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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a Day!

  First of all I had a doctor's appointment in Shreveport with my shoulder doctor. I had to wait a good while (nothing new). He did take a long time looking at my shoulder and trying to figure out again why it didn't do better after surgery. We decided to do another MRI in April to compare with the one done before the surgery. We also went through the pics made during the surgery. I really had less repairing than most people, and still not good results. He thinks it's all related to my radical neck dissection from 2008, but again, I asked "what could have happened?" I know other people who had the same surgery, and they didn't have problems with their shoulders. I went into the hospital with my shoulder being fine, and came out with a problem, but it took a while for me to figure this out as that side of my body was numb for a long time.
  I had a heavy feeling all day long yesterday, and I guess it was for a reason. There was a very bad wreck not far from where we live after I got home, and a young woman that works for the school board here in our parish was killed when a log truck hit her. My DH talked to her a lot as she handled the adult ed. GED testing. She has a 15 yr. old daughter so please say prayer for her family. The trucks in this area are out of control because of the gas well drilling. There are accidents nearly everyday. I am literally scared to go to the grocery store. Now this is a small town that was nearly dead 2 years ago. Money flow is good, but not when it causes so many fatalities and the law won't do anything about the trucks speeding around here.
  I've vented enough. I will leave you with a hint of spring that popped up in our backyard this week. One lonely iris.....

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Rettabug said...

Oh my Shirley, I'm sorry your heart was heavy after all the ­difficulties you've had to deal with. I wish I could wave a magic wand & make your shoulder all better.
It has to be so frustrating for you.

DH's hand/elbow surgery on the nerve never did heal correctly, either. I see him struggle to grasp things & he tries to hide it when it aches. No fun!
I will certainly send up some knee-mails for that young woman & her family. So sad!

Consider yourself {{HUGGED}} Sweet Lady,

ps: I like the new look to your blog! :D