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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Reason this Blog was Started...

Two years ago today I went in for a biopsy on my tongue. Deep down inside I think I sort of knew it would be bad news because when my doctor had checked it the week before, he immediately said he needed to do a deeper biopsy. Before this, he had always done them in his office.
  I will NEVER forget the look on my husband, my daughter, and my son's faces when I woke up. I finally asked if everything was ok, and everyone burst into tears. If you've ever been told you have cancer, you very well know the feeling. They started reassuring me that the doctor said he could get it all, and it would be ok.
  I cried most of the way home sipping on a coke float from Sonic.
  They scheduled me to have my surgery in May. That was as soon as they could get me in, but they knew what I had was not an aggressive cancer. I went back and taught school for the six weeks before the surgery. I had to take off school two weeks early so I had a lot to prepare for a sub also.
 The surgery part is the beginning of this blog in the Archives of 08. It was very traumatic, and when I look back, I sometimes wonder how I ever tolerated any of it. I've always been pretty tough when it came to pain, and it wasn't so much the pain as the whole ordeal. 
  I made it, and I know it has made me a stronger person in the end. May will be my two year mark, and when I get my tests results, you will hear me shouting from the tree tops. I know it will be good. I haven't had any flare ups, and I don't intend to. You can't live worrying about what might happen. 
 I have lived these past 2 years enjoying life, my family, and my friends as much as I can. I know you already knew that because of how I brag about my grandkids.
 Please keep me in your prayers for a good report in May. I want to be in the 10% that does NOT have a recurrence of mouth cancer within 2 years!!


Cole's Corner said...

I'll be praying for a good report.
Bless your heart and your family.

Julia said...

How hard it must have been to go through all of that! I am so glad that two years have passed and will pray for your continued good health.

Fifi Flowers said...

I will say a prayer for you too!

Julia said...

I'm glad you found my blog. I have had some issues with blogger directing people to my correct site.