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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Sad Tribute...

 I came home from a wonderful cruise only to find out that a former student of mine had been murdered at the hands of a registered child molester. (I will write about my trips another day.)

  I taught Justin Bloxum 2 years ago in 5th grade. He was only 12 years old. This makes me so sick to my stomach that someone could be so cruel.
 Justin went to spend the night with a friend, and he evidently had this planned to meet who he thought was a girl in his grade. The man was posing at his step-daughter, and lured Justin to come and meet him telling him a taxi was picking him up. It was a taxi, but the "girl" was the man who killed him. 
  Justin left the friend's house some time early in the morning on Mar. 30.
 The man, Brian Horn, drove a taxi for the city of Shreveport, but he lived in our parish about 15 mi. from here, and Justin lived and went to school in Stonewall, LA.  Different people saw the taxi around the area that day, and even saw the guy coming from the woods where he dumped the body. He left him in the woods near a major highway. They say he smothered to death.
  I know this is graphic to a point, but maybe some of you will also help to alert your kids and others about predators like this. 
 It's so easy these days for kids to be lured into thinking they are safe. Kids have so much access to computers and cell phones now, and so many parents don't have a clue who they are talking to, and this girl that Justin thought he was talking to wasn't a stranger on the internet. She was someone he thought he knew even though he had no business going off like he did. He thought he was meeting a girl he liked!
  Kids are kids, and they do stupid things, but that doesn't give people like Brian Horn the right to kill them! 
  I will stop for now. I am so upset and irritated with our judicial system. This man had at least 14 prior arrests, and spent time in prison for sexual crimes.
  Please say a prayer for the family, Justin's friends, and for the step-daughter because only God knows what this monster has probably done to her.


Julia said...

This just makes me furious!!! One arrest of a person like that should have him in prison for life!!! I taught school for years, so I know how attached you become to the kids.

Mrs Bix 10 said...

I am so sorry to hear this, I will say a prayer for the family, God knows they will need them now to get them through this horrible time.
It is so important for us to check the registered sex offender list in our areas. Do you know if this man was registered?
I agree with with Julia's comment, they should be locked up for life. It's not that I want my tax dollars going to housing them as I really would prefer all of these perverts get thrown on a deserted island together with no way off!

Simple Southern Happiness said...

My heart bleeds for this family, praying for God to help ease the pain they are all feeling. One day this will be all over when the lord returns and I pray it will be soon so we do not have to have anymore of these acts against our children or harm to anyone anymore.