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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zoo Day and My Daughter's Birthday...

  April 21, 1974 I gave birth to a 10lb. 7oz. baby girl. At that time, she was the biggest baby born on that shift at the Schumpert Hospital. Since then they have had some a lot bigger! We got all kinds of jokes like "she's ready to eat peas and cornbread!" Funny since that is now one of her favorites!
  I had told her that I wanted us to do something fun with the kids this week, and when she told Cayden that her "fun" thing to do for her birthday was to go to the zoo, he was elated. Love the innocence of this age.
  I met them at DD's house, and we rode nearly 2 hours to the zoo in Tyler, TX. I had never been, and it is really a beautiful place this time of year with all of the azaleas and other flowers in bloom. I wanted to share a few pics. The birds were my favorite, and then the giraffes. 
  Now Miss Shelby insisted on toting her purse everywhere we went, and wearing her sunshades. She said she did that because Mommy and Mimi carry a purse. I'm here to tell you that she kept up with it the whole day. 
  When we got to the restaurant, she asked for some crackers to take home. I nearly lost it when she started stuffing them in her purse. She's a hoot!

I snapped a bunch of pics of this bald eagle trying to catch one of him looking our way. It was like he finally said, "OK, lady, here I am, now just leave me alone." They were beautiful. I think these were some that were rescued as one of them had half a wing missing. They were in an open area so I'm quite sure they couldn't fly.  I've never seen one in real life, and I was thrilled.
  The pelicans were quite funny, and very pretty. That is our state bird.
I hope you enjoyed our zoo adventure. We had a great day!

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Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

oh golly, the zoo is lovely and you know I love the birds. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! Miss S is a hoot and Master C too. I love the thing about the crackers, something I have seen older folks do. Good you had a wonderful time at the zoo.