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Monday, May 3, 2010


 When the grands come to see us, they always leave some evidence that they've been here. No matter how good Mommy thinks she has picked up the toys or made them pick up, there is always something left out.
  It tickles us because it's a reminder of them being here, and of the funny things they do. PawPaw said to leave these things where they are until they come back, butttttttttttt, they are right in the front entrance so I imagine they will have to be put away soon.
  I heard a loud noise last night, and I went to the front door to look out. We have two skinny glass windows on each side of the door, and as soon as I got to the edge of the carpet, I realized if I went any further I would step on something that would hurt. 
 I'm not sure which one left the army men here - maybe both. I do know that Cayden was the one eating chips. LOL
  You see this little ledge at the bottom of the window? That is where Shelby sat to eat her snack. Well, wouldn't it be nice to have a "behind" that only about 10" wide?
  We all sat on the patio after lunch while the kids blew bubbles. Cayden came and sat in my lap for a long time, which is unusual for him these days, but Mimi sure enjoyed it. Then Shelby had to have her lap time. She looked up at me and said, "Mimi, me luz you." Melted my heart!

 PawPaw will be out of school on the 25th of May, and then we can have our sweet grands to spend the night. We usually get a small pool for the backyard, some water toys, ice cream, and hotdogs! Sounds like a perfect summer day to me!!


Simple Southern Happiness said...

OH gal, if only we did have a 10" butt. I think I could give up eathing healthy for a few days and not worry if I gained a few pounds. This is so precious having memories left behind of there visit. But OUCH if you stepped on one! Lucky you to have sleep overs soon, what fun you all will have. If the rain keeps up the way it is, you will not have to put up a pool, they can just swim in your backyard.

Grab your life raft and hang on.

everythingsewing said...

I have stepped on lego with bare feet, that wasn't fun. I love the memories the little ones left for you, it would be wonderful if we didn't have to pick them up.