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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Celebrate Life Party...

  This post may be long, but it is so important to me. We got our yard all decorated with tables, tablecloths tied down so they wouldn't blow off, simple leis put on the tables for some color.
  Then about 2:00 or so, it started clouding up a little. No worry. The weather station said "No rain, unless there is a little afternoon shower or 2." I'm thinking, "I can deal with that."
  WRONG!  Around 3ish, it started raining, very hard, and it rained, and rained and rained for what seemed like forever. My yard usually drains pretty fast, and had it only been a short downpour, it wouldn't have been a problem, but I couldn't have people bogging down in the yard trying to eat.
  My DH called the oldest grandsons to come back, and they haul everything into the carport. We had to throw away the first set of table cloths and dry off everything. Luckily, I had bought some extras. 
  It was a little crowded in the carport, and we couldn't put up all of the tables so we had to also let people eat in the house and sunroom. Not a problem for us. I just wanted us all to be together. 
  My caterer pulls up with his trailer, and it is still raining, thundering, and lightning. We keep praying. I sure didn't want him in any danger. 
  It finally stopped about the time people started arriving. At least the rain didn't keep anyone from coming that had planned on coming. We had around 54 people. I even had a couple to come that wasn't on the invitation list. LOL That was ok. We had plenty.
  My caterer cooked fish, shrimp, red beans and rice, fries, hushpuppies, made slaw, tarter sauce, and banana pudding. It was all wonderful.
  We had a great time visiting. I'm posting a few pics for you to see. God is good, and I felt very blessed to have my family and wonderful friends to celebrate with me.
 The pic above is all of us. I think this is the first time since Shelby was born for us all to be in a pic.


Simple Southern Happiness said...

Oh, what a day you have been through. Rain and lots of it~ oh no~ well at least it stopped before the people came. See... the lord was just washing things off for your guest.

Glad you all had a good time, the food looks awesome~

Jerry said...

Awww, Shirley, I'm so sorry it rained. :( And I wish like everything we could have been there. Why does EVERYTHING have to happen at the same time??? Regardless of the gray liquid skies, it looks like it was a FABULOUS party!! The food looked yummy. I'm sure glad a little rain didn't ruin your special day!!

Rettabug said...

What a wonderful gathering for friends & family to celebrate your survival & return to good health, Shirley. I know God watches over you & yours & it was so special to just be able to have everyone together for this day. I'm sure the rain didn't bother anyone.

May you have many, many more celebrations just like this one!!!


Bunny said...

What a beautiful family and wonderful celebration. You are just glowing in your photos, Shirley. I pray your good health continues into a ripe old age!

Julia said...

Fantastic photos and such wonderful memories being made! I would love to email you. If you don't mind please send an email to my address and I'll reply.