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Friday, September 10, 2010

Grandparent's Day!

 Today was Grandparent's Day for Shelby's daycare class. She has a wonderful teacher, Ms. Felicia. We were very impressed with Ms. Felicia last May at the pre-school graduation.
 When the class first came out, they lined up in a line. I saw those big ole eyes looking around trying to find me because she knew I was coming. Be still my heart!  They said a prayer together. It was so cute watching them all squint their eyes shut. Then they sang a song, "God Made Me." (Sheby has the pink flower in her hair.)

Sorry this is a little dark.

 They turned the kids loose, and they all ran to their grandparents. As soon as we sat down, she asked, "Are we going to do something fun today?" Well, of course!
  They served us a breakfast brunch. If you know my Shelby, that girl loves to eat. She ate a donut, part of a cinnamon roll, part of a muffin, a piece of bacon, and juice. Plus she'd already had breakfast!


As soon as we got in the car to leave, she said, "Are we going to eat?" This is just routine with her.
  We went to Kid City which is a church affiliated inside climbing cage. The kids love it, and the parents love it because it is totally safe and enclosed. She played for a while, and then we decided to go and meet Mommy for lunch.
  The best part of my day was hearing, "Mimi, me love you soooo much!" It just doesn't get any better than that!
This is Shelby in one of the outfits I made minus the bottom button. She's a princess, but she's also a tom boy too!

 This is what the kids made the grandparents. I love having my own little footprint of Shelby!

I did get to see Cayden for a few minutes after school. It's sure been hard not being able to do fun things with him during the week. He is doing great in kindergarten, and learning new Bible verses every week. This Mimi is thrilled! 

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Christie Cottage said...

Shelby is adorable! Cute dress too!

When our grandkids say they love us, it does just melt our hearts!

Thanks for sharing!