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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meet Me On Monday........


It's time for another Meet Me on Monday linky over at Never Growing Old. This is fun getting to know our fellow bloggers.

1.  Have you ever been on a cruise?

  I think this question was meant especially for me. LOL
  Most of you know I've been on 2 cruises. I'm not a seasoned 'cruiser' by any means, but it only takes one to teach you the ropes. 
 If you want to look at my pics, visit these posts.
Grand Cayman
First Cruise (not many pics, camera died)
 I still have one more post to go of pics on the ship for those who have never been on a cruise. So check back again.

2.  What is your favorite way to eat eggs?
  I love a good omelet, but I also like fried eggs with good hot biscuits, or toast. 

3.  What is your favorite reading material?

  I just like variety. Sometimes I like to read sewing magazines, and sometimes I like a good book.  I also like devotional books.

4.  Name all of the pets that you have ever had?

  As a kid, I had a cat named Lucky because he had deformed paws, but he could still defend himself.
  Now there is no way I can remember all of those names. I am probably way older than most of you. LOL
 We had Missy for 16 years, and just lost her so beyond that I can only remember Reggie the Yorkie. 
 (Edited to say my daughter reminded me below about some other pets. So please read my comments. I guess I needed to make this a family affair. LOL)

5.  Were you ever a girl/boy scout?

  No, never. As a kid, I lived a long way from the school or where any of those type things met so I never got to participate. I admire Scout leaders for volunteering their time to work with kids.



Emily Simmons said...

Mom, I can't believe you didn't remember Henry the basset hound or Freddie the cocker spaniel. And what about Yo-Yo?? LOL! That was the dog with the really long legs! LOL! And wasn't there an Irish Setter named Penny when we lived where the Morvan's live now?

ShirleyC said...

I should have asked you before I posted this. I told you I'm old. LOL I did remember the Irish Setter, but I couldn't remember her name. She used to swing in your baby swing.

Java said...

lol...I am laughing at you two! That is so sweet of Emily to remind you of the pets! I know it is hard to remember and had to ask my hubby if I was missing time consult a family member! lol..

Great answers Shirley!!

Hope you have a great week!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Thanks so much for stopping by The House on the Corner ~ I'm following back!

ShirleyC said...

Oh yes, and we had a dachshund when Cody was little, and had to get rid of it because he was allergic!

Shawn said...

Love the Mother/Daughter banter! I know my kids keep me straight on things that for the life of me I can not remember!

Empty Nester said...

Our girls love to keep us straight too! Aren't daughters the best?! I'm a new follower from Meet Me On Monday!

Sherry said...

So funny about the pet names. I have not been on a cruise and would love to some day. My hubby spent 4 years in the Navy so he says he has had his fill of "cruises" I am still working on him.

Rebecca Nelson said...

OK Shirley...if your hubby fills your take with gas then he is a keeper, too!

Now...please know this about my guy and him "touching" my machine...

He is not only a whiz with computers but his father was a mechanic so he grew up in a fix-it shop! He oils and cleans all four of my machines (Ruffler, Janome, Everyday Singer and my White Serger) and they have never once been in a pro-shop for repairs. He's saved me lots of $$!!! If he didn't know what he was doing I'd NEVAH let him near my machines! LOL

Now...about the dogs you forgot about...I'm cracking up. You both sound like me and my girl! HYSTERICAL!


Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Shirley! It's nice to meet you. But, now I'm hungry for an omelet!
Have a blessed week!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

I love you cat's name! We had one named "Z-Z" because he had a kink in his tail, LOL!