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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I may be MIA for a few days...

 We are in the process of having new flooring put down in about half of our house. Due to this, we will have to pack up and put away all of our what knots and collections of anything and everything that is on or inside the furniture.

 Whew! Just saying that makes me tired! I am also getting wood floors in my sewing room which will be the biggest disaster to dismantle. Some of my furniture is too big to be taken out as it was put together inside the room. So the guy said they would work around it, but I have to pretty much empty everything to make it lighter to move.

 Then of course, the computers will most likely be disconnected for the most part. If I can get online, it will be on my laptop.

 My DH is taking off work on Monday to help get things situated, and to help deal with the dogs. Then for 2 days I will have to figure out what to do with them and myself. At least if the weather is pretty, we can sit outside on the patio.

 After that is over, we get to replace everything. I think it's going to be much worse than the Christmas decorating for sure. I will probably never find half of my stuff as I will be sticking it in every little cubby available!

 With that being said, I will check in when I can. I know I have promised a giveaway, and it is coming. I hadn't planned on this big delay, but I can't cope with that right now with my house all stirred up. I know you will understand.

 My heart is heavy for all of the damage, destruction, and loss of lives in Japan. I am praying for them and anyone who has family or friends over there.
 I'm so glad Hawaii was spared any major damage as our Marine friend, Joseph, is stationed there until he goes back to Afghanistan.
 Happy Blogging and don't forget about me!!



Tracy said...

Thanks for letting us know..I worry when I haven't heard from my friends in awhile. I am tired even hearing you talk of all the work; I do NOT like when things are out of place in my life including my house. Good Luck!
I pray for the people in Japan and anywhere else who lives are devastated from some event or can be very difficult at times~

Christie Cottage said...

Lucky girl getting new flooring! I can't even afford the new filter for my vacuum, let alone new flooring! LOL

Yes, it is horrible about Japan. I saw it last night and I thought I wasn't quite awake while watching it as I sat up in the bed.

Prayers and thoughts for all those affected.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am doing the enire house in a few weeks and it makes me tired to think about it......

Mind Movies 2.1 said...

Prayers would be sent for all those family and relatives affected in the tragic disaster. I hope everything would turn out fine.

Simple "T" said...

Hope all will go smooth and just keeping saying to yourself how good it will look.

I have yet to find things I stuck in cubbyholes when my sewing room was taken down. I hope that does not happen to you.

EmptyNester said...

We had to go through the floor replacement episode in 2004. NOT fun but worth it! I love my floors--and it took divine intervention to get it done! LOL

Carol at Serendipity said...


When it is all done, I am sure you will be pleased.

My heart is heavy with all that is going on in the world.