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Friday, February 12, 2010

It just gets crazier around here!

  It started snowing yesterday (Thursday), and since daycare was not open today (Friday), we chose to keep our grandbabies overnight for my DD since she works for 911. The roads were predicted to be hazardous for travel or we would have gone to their house early this morning. We surely don't mind keeping them overnight, but sometimes it's just easier to be where they have all of their toys and stuff.
  It did snow, and a lot for this area. I think at least 4 in. It was beautiful, and we got to see the kids play in the snow. Cayden had a blast playing with our older grandson and some friends of his. Shelby, the princess, chose to only stay out a few minutes. It just wasn't as thrilling for her.
  Now I know you are probably wondering why there are no pictures? I do have pictures, but my main computer decided to die or something when the lights went off this morning. It won't turn on. Yesterday, my camera card decided to also die, and in order to get pics in the snow I had to delete every pic from my digital photo frame card. I am on my laptop, but I can't upload because I can't find my camera cord, and there are no card slots that fit my card. Bummer!
  Then we take the kids home and decide to go into Shreveport to meet the oldest grandson for dinner. On the way home at a main intersection, an 18 wheeler runs a red light. The SUV next to us swerved into our lane to keep from getting smashed, but they were able to stop 1/2 in. from our bumper, and I am not exaggerating. I am very thankful that my DH is not one to gas it when the light turns green, or things could have been a whole lot worse.
  I have enjoyed looking at everyone's snow pictures from everywhere so when I'm able, I will be posting some here, plus a couple of other things I had on my mind.
  Hugs to all!

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susan said...

Shirley-Thanks so much for visiting and entering the giveaway! Isn't facebook a wonderful thing? I love keeping up and seeing pictures! Happy Valentine's Day to you!