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Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 10, yes 10

Well, the trache is out. She has to cover the hole to talk. The doc says this will heal naturally. Makes it hard to talk on her phone though since her left arm is still in a cast.

I hear Robin was a great nurse. Mom says now she knows what mamaw went through those last days with Robin by her side. Robin will be back tonight and is going to wash mom's hair. Dad said when Robin came in last night she wasn't expecting mom to be able to talk and almost had a heart attack when mom said, "hi, Robin." If you know Robin, you can totally picture her expression! Dad said they were laughing so hard!

The heartrate is better. But still needs to be down a bit. Mom is still hanging in there. Looks like another weekend stay in the hospital. I know mom is so ready to be home. But we don't want to rush anything.

Dad said she got some beautiful flowers from Cayden and Shelby's day care. It was addressed to Cayden & Shelby's Mimi. Norma Padgett also sent some beautiful flowers. I know she got to talk to Aunt Alvern (her brother Ralph's wife) today on speaker phone.

Cayden's class all colored nursery rhyme pages and put a book together for her. I will take that up there tomorrow. It is so sweet. They made a cover and put Cayden's handprint on the front!

I haven't talked to dad this afternoon so if there were more visitors, I'm not sure yet. I know mom is anxious to get home so she can read all of your sweet comments for herself. I have told her what many of you have written. She is like me when it comes to her computer and internet and internet friends and right now that is probably the biggest withdrawal she is having.

Anne Rabalais and Martha Long are visiting right now. As well as Cody & Tonya. She also just received an ivy from Dad's school. And he just told me the name so I hope I don't get this wrong, Desoto Career Academy & Alternative School.

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Jay D Wyatt said...

Hey Shirley! You are in my prayers! I want you to hurry up and get home so we can email each other again. I miss our conversations so much! I am mailing you some magazines for when you get home.

Love you,

Jay Dawn