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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hello Everyone!
I can't even begin to tell you how good it is to be at home, not in my own bed yet, but home. I sleep on one end of the new couch we bought with double recliners. That was a good decision since I have to keep my head elevated. I keep my cell phone by my side so if I need to get up, I can just call my dear hubby.
I have been sleeping soooo much better. I know a lot of it is getting some of those drugs out of my system. Oh gosh, that was the worst time those first few days after I woke up in ICU, and then a few days in the room. Everytime I closed my eyes, I was hallucinating - just awful stuff - so I just couldn't rest much.
My incisions are healing nicely for now. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday. The nurse called today and I had to answer the phone as hubby was outside the back door. She was amazed at how well I can talk. When the trac hole heals up completely, I'll be non-stop because right now I have to cover it to talk and to cough.
My nurse/niece, Robin, comes everyday to help with my bath and dressings. She washed my hair yesterday, and I felt like a new woman.
My husband has been wonderful making anything I request to eat. I'm still on puree, but there are plenty of good things to fix (if you are at home.) Yesterday I had some really blended potatoes, and my daughter-in-law brought some purple hull pea juice that I put on top of those, so I felt like I was eating from the garden. I have 2 recipe books of smoothies which have been a tremendous help, and of course, coke floats.
I've had some company today and yesterday, which is nice to break up the day.
I will just be glad when the worst of the pain is gone.
Thanks again to all who have sent beautiful cards, emails, and flowers. I really feel loved.

Love you all,

Now to Alexis - my precious little student, if you can, please send an email to my school email. Your mom should have it, and I will try to read it at home. I want to write you a note, and the Webmail doesn't show addresses I have at school. I appreciate all of the sweet notes you wrote to me. My daughter would tell me everytime you wrote, and that really meant a lot to me.


Jay D Wyatt said...

I am so glad to have my 2 email buddies back, Clay AND Shirley! Shirley, it sounds like you are being so well taken care of. Good job, Clay and Robin! I love you all! Have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day weekend. If I don't call yall over the weekend, I will talk to yall Tuesday when I get back to work.

Carlene said...

Shirley it is wonderful hearing from you! A nights sleep can make a world of good! So pleased to hear that you are getting yours.

It is wonderfuling knowing once you heal this event in your life is finished! Done!

Enjoy your rest!
Enjoy your company!
Enjoy your family!

Sit back relax and heal!

dtaylordesoto said...

I am back in town from Arkansas. I am so glad you are home and on the road to recovery. When you are up to it maybe you would like some creme brulee. Just let me know on the blog.

I really appreciate Emily for all she did to keep us all informed, this has just been great, but then your kids have always been great. Will write more soon. Take Care....Debbie

Lisbeth Bowlin said...

I'm soooooo glad you are home! Just being home probably makes things a LOT better - I know they do for me! I hope that you start to feel better VERY soon!!