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Monday, May 19, 2008

Going Home!

After a very long stay in the hospital, mom is being released today.

They had to do the conversion (shock) and after 2 tries the heart when back into a normal rhythm. She said it hurt.

They were still at the hospital when I left at 3:00 and waiting on Dr. Ghali to get over there to sign her release papers. They cardiologist had released her and Dr. Ghali is ready to....he just has to get there! Busy man I'm sure!

She is thrilled to go home. Ready to begin this part of her recovery! She has come so far but has a long way to go! We are just so blessed that she will be us for many, many years!

Once again, I cannot even begin to express the gratitude we have for ALL of you. The messages, emails, calls, cards, visits, flowers and gifts have all been so much more than we could have ever expected. But we truly believe it was your prayers that have worked more than anything. We have learned so much about Family, Friendship & Faith during these two weeks. We know that God is a good God and he still our Lord & Savior. And we truly believe that he has been with every doctor and nurse that has take care of mom. Thanks again for all of your love and support!

And the next post just may be from the woman of the hour herself! :)


Carlene said...

So very sorry Shirley you had to go through the shock treatment. I think someone jumping out from under your bed at night shocking you when you least expected it may not of hurt as much! Oh I take that back, that would hurt too!

But the best-est news of all is the fact you get to go home! Now I know it may rough, just kick up your feet and watch others "do" for you! But just remember they may not "do" as you "do"! LOL
Just remember their "do" is good enough of a "do"!

But just remember once you get back online again those girls are going to get you laughing again. So be prepared! Laugh till you hurt Shirley you deserve it!

Shirley thank you wonderful family for all the updates! I bet hugs from all those Grands of yours will certainly help you to heal!

alexis said...

mrs clark

i am so glad that you are going home to be with your family and your friends

Mel said...

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to post daily for us. It was comforting to hear of her progress....get some well deserved rest, you earned it!

(Ozarknana from SewForum)