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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tribute to my Husband

I can’t let another day go by without saying this. I would have never made it to this point without my husband, Clay.

I can hardly find the words to express my feelings. He has been my rock and my caregiver around the clock. (Well, almost, except he did have to have a few breaks when I was in the hospital.)

I sure when we repeated those vows almost 37 years ago “for better or worse” that he never dreamed the worst would be like this.

Clay has always been a very dependable and independent person; so being in authority is part of his personality.

He will tell you real quick that tending to sick people and being in hospitals is not one of his best traits. During this time, he has come through like a trooper and has done everything he can that could be done for me (expect change the dressings, but he has helped a little.)

He’s always been great to help around the house, but right now he is doing it all. He does all of the daily chores. Leading up to the fact, that he has prepared everything that I have eaten, and constantly seeks to find different things so I would have some variety with all of this pureed stuff. He has cooked fresh squash and green beans, and talked his aunt into cooking me some peas. I have eaten like a Southern queen this past week. He is the master of smoothies, and now everyone in town is making smoothies. (The store had a good sale on Blue Bell).

I think the one thing he is the most proud of is that he washed, dried, and styled my hair, and it looked great. What more can I say!
I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

So, Clay, this post is to show my unending gratitude for your loving care and devotion.
I love you so much.



Emily said...

I have been so impressed with him too! He's an awesome man! I hope Cayden grows up to be even half the man that his paw paw is!

Love you dad and thanks so much for taking care of my mom!


Anonymous said...

As my Mama would say....
"WHAT A MAN!!!" ~:-D

So glad everything is going well with you. I had major jaw replacement surgery about 5 years ago and I would NOT have made it without my precious Hubby. He got very good with the smoothies, too! If you can find some fresh peaches, they make great smoothies.
Until you haven't eaten, and can't eat solids, and someone makes you a mash potato and meatloaf smoothie, you just haven't lived!!!

Love and Prayers...Mama Lisa

Carlene said...

Shirley you always knew you had a great man at your side! Know we all know it too!