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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 2 - ICU

I don't know how many updates I will have for you. But I will post anything I know. Dad said he rested pretty good last night in a comp room provided by the hospital. Cody told him that he crashed and I did as well.

When I called dad he was eating breakfast so that would make mom's heart happy. Her biggest concern was that he wouldn't eat. But he did, so yay.

Dad got up around 5:30 and got ready then headed to see mom for the 6am visit. Said she looked like she was resting better than when we saw her last night. From what we understand, they don't want her moving at all for 24 hours so they probably won't even begin to try to wake her until tomorrow. Possibly this evening but it could be tomorrow.

I am at home with the kiddos. Cayden seems a little better but still wanting to sit with me which means he isn't 100% just yet. But he had some motrin a little while ago and it is beginning to kick in. When that does he will be bouncing off the walls.

Dad said his friend Ann Rabalais is coming to hang out with him this morning. She is one of his teacher friends and a true blessing. Ann knows dad so well and knows when to just sit there and not say a word. Thank you, Ann for being so wonderful. You will never know how much I appreciate you being there for dear ole dad!!!

In times like these you realize what wonderful friends you are surrounded by. People that will just come sit with you and take the time to get by a hospital even if for a few minutes just to say hi. Or those that call, or email or just sit home and pray. I know we will never be able to show each of you how much we appreciate what each of you have done for us. But it is greatly appreciated....more than you will ever know.

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Anonymous said...

Just want y'all to know that you're ALL in my thoughts and prayers. Your Mom was there for me when I needed her..she's a strong woman and will be back stitchin' up a storm in no time for those sweet Grandbabies

*hugs to all of you*