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Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 6 - ICU ....still....

Dad and I got here for the 10am visit. She was sitting in a chair. She looked so tried and well, not great. They were putting her on this t-piece as part of the weaning off of the vent. The nurse said if she does well on that, it lets them know that she is ready to come off the vent. She was coughing a lot so she was miserable. The coughing is good even though its not fun. Once she got settled, she looked better. Dad and I were ready to run out of there but we toughed it out and she started feeling better so we had a nice little visit. (Thankfully, Cayden always does something funny so there is always a story!)

They want to try and get her walking tomorrow (as long as all of this goes well today) and then possibly she will be able to go into a room. We don't know for sure yet.

She can swallow. That's pretty cool. The nurse said she could have some ice chips if she wanted but she didn't want them at that time. She got some rest last night.

We were worried yesterday. One reason I never came back and posted last night was because I was just down and out and didn't want to worry anybody. She seemed down so that was making me so sad and crazy. I know she is so ready to get everything out. She seemed in better spirits today. I really just don't think she was expecting 7 days in ICU.

We know its going to be a long road. We are in it for the long haul! Thanks for all of your prayers and support. When you post comments, I always tell her and it makes her smile! We love each and every one of you!!!


Jay D Wyatt said...

I love you Shirley. You are doing great. Love you!

Jay Dawn

Jerry said...

Shirley, hang in there. You will get to "break out" soon enough. I know it must be hard to be so wired up, but we want what is BEST for you. All of this will soon be a distant memory....just keep holding onto that thought. ;-)

Emily, you and Clay sound so much like me. I am NOT the person anyone wants around in a medical I admire those who can take such good care of us when we need them.

Love to all of you. You are all still in my constant prayers.

Anonymous said...

Just keep on keeping on...that's the motto you keep at all times! I know with mother she went through sum withdrawals when they started taking her off the sedation and pain meds...and we know how good her tollerance is...LOL..hang in there...before you know it she will be out and into a room and headed home shortly after that. IT JUST TAKES FOREVER IT SEEMS. Love ya Sissy