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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 2 ICU Update #3

I just got back from the hospital. Dad and I went back to see mom for the 5:00 visit. We had just walked in when the nurse came in to introduce herself. Her name is Cherry. Oh my goodness, she's a blessing. The best nurse. Dad asked her if they had put mom's socks on her. Mom immediately started moving trying wake up. She knew he was there.

She opened her eyes and dad told her not to try to talk. He told her to blink twice if she wanted her socks on and she blinked twice. The nurse put them on for her.

He told her Cayden tee-teed in the potty. She blinked twice.

He asked her if he could go home to Logansport to sleep tonight and she blinked about 4 times, lol.

He asked her if she remembered Cody being there today and she blinked.

We told her how great she was doing and how much we loved her.

She looks so much better today than she did last night. That in itself was so reassuring. The nurse said the doctors had been in several times during the day today and said they are more than pleased with how well she is doing and healing. They may begin putting food in the feeding tube tonight but more than likely tomorrow.

The FUNNIEST thing! Dad told the nurse he was going to bring vaseline in tomorrow so her lips wouldn't dry out. (MamaLisa, mom had already prepared us!) The nurse said she had already been putting it on there because she knows how bad it can get. She said it was on the table if dad wanted to put some on her. So he grabs the NEOSPORIN! LOL! The nurse is like "oh, no, not that one!" ONLY DAD!!!

I called Cody when we came out. Any of you that know me, know that I am my father's child and when it comes to hospitals, we just don't do well. So, I called Cody at 5:10. Since visitation is for 30 minutes he assumed we wouldn't be out until 5:30. So he said he was going to call at 5:30 and I said, Cody please, it's dad and me you are talking about. I thought we did good to last for 7 minutes!!!

We love you, mom! I know you will be amused when you read this. And wouldn't expect any less!


Anonymous said...

I can see you two running out of ICU...Clay with his hands jinglin his change...glasses on his head..and you biting your lip..LOL..I know she will make a remarkable recovery. Love you all--Your favorite cousin Sissy

alexis said...

Mrs clark

really wants to go home with her husband and her family

god blees the family of mrs clark

Alexis Taglavore

Anonymous said...

hey clarks, ya'll hang in there. shirl the girl is gonna be just fine. miss all of you, and will try to see you soon. love you, delton

Mel said...

I am so happy to hear Shirley is doing better, it sounds like you all have things handled quite well. I know how difficult it is to write in this blog, but we ALL appreciate it so much.

Shirley, be good (yes, that means you Sister) and get some needed rest. You and your whole family are in my thoughts and in my prayers!

(OzarkNana from SewForum)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Shirley had told y'all about the vasilene for her lips. I should have KNOW she would be very prepared! Good to read the updates, too. Keep them coming. My prayers are will all of you, and especially Shirley.

Mama Lisa