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Monday, May 19, 2008

We Are Home!!

We are finally home! I thought this day would never come. I was so overwhelmed when the nurse rolled me out to the car, and the sunshine hit my face for the first time in nearly 2 weeks, I could not stop crying. It was just so wonderful to be OUT!

Can you believe that I am typing - with both hands. Not too fast, but typing.

I haven't had a chance to read all of the messages yet, and when I do I just want to be able to absorb every encouraging word.

There are no words to express how blessed I am to have such a wonderful, caring, and concerned group of people to support me (us) at this time.

My kids and husband have been my rocks, and my strength. It has been a long, hard journey, but thank God, it is going downhill now. I want to thank all of my friends and other family members who have held us all up in prayer and kept encouraging everyone.

To my niece, Robin, I just don't think I would be at this point physically and mentally without you. Oh girl! You are the best nurse/friend ever.

I am not through. I have so much to say as I get stronger, but I just couldn't go to bed without writing something.

Again, thanks sooooo much, and I love you all.


Jerry said...


Shirley, this is a WONDERFUL DAY. I am thrilled to know you are at home where you can get well quickly and be able to slowly start doing some of the things you love.

Be sure to take it easy and let Clay wait on you hand and foot. :)

Love you much!

Jay D Wyatt said...

Praise the Lord! Shirley is HOME!

Yeah! You know your email buddies are glad of that!

I can't even imagine and won't begin to try to understand what you have been through.

But I truly believe the saying that God does not give us more than we can handle.

I know we question that from time to time and that is okay.

My next prayer for you is that every day you will become stronger and feeling better and better.

Once again, Praise the Lord!


Jay Dawn

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are home and doing well. If there is anything you need please call, I am always home! Love You, Cricket

Anonymous said...

Just had to write my final note on this page and hope and pray we never have to do this again for anyone, cause that usually means someone is ill, and we cannot have any more of that stuff!!!

Seriously, thanks so much to Emily and the family for giving us updates on your Mom. It was so hard not to be there for your Mom, the way she was there for me. I will never forget her and all of you the way you helped me through my time with Donna. I love all of you and God bless all of you and be with you while your Mom is home recovering.

To Shirley, let them wait on you hand and foot because it won't last long, they will catch on that you are really well and just putting on so you can continue to be the "Queen" ha!!

Love, Lynda

Carlene said...

Shirley I have never been so happy to see someone online!
My thoughts were surely she will probably try to read a few messages. Or may chicken peck out a short little hello! But no, not Shirley you go girl!

I am so happy with your progress so far! Keep up the spirit and drive to continue to heal! Please do not over due it at this time. Sit back and try to relax.

Your two week journey in the hospital is now complete! Click your heels together Shirley, "there's no place like home".
Enjoy your time healing as best as you can!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Shirley I am so glad you are home and doing so well. We have prayed for you daily and will continue to pray for you daily as your recovery continues. You were right about Robin and her great nursing skills. I have worked with her and can vouch that she is good at it and it helps when it is also family. Thank you Emily for this blog, I have checked it daily without fail to check on your moms progress. Let me know if you ever need anything. Love you much Mrs. Shirly..... Melanie

Anonymous said...

Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, she is free at last!!!!! ~:-D
{{{{hugs}}}}Mama Lisa

"Dear Lord,
We Praise Your name for bringing Our Shirley through this...and all to YOUR glory! It is a blessing to "hear" from her. Help her through this recovery...and keep her from doing TOO much. Again, we THANK YOU and PRAISE YOUR NAME!
In Jesus name, Amen & Amen!"

alexis said...

Dear Mrs Clark

i am so glaad you are home . praise the lord for all the prayers and that he heilded you so you can go home with your family and friends.

Mel said...

WWWOOOOO HHHHOOOO, Shirley, I am SEW glad to hear your home. You "sound" in good spirits....our God is a faithful God! Prayers have been answered! Looking forward to seeing you on SewForum again soon....


Dixie said...

So glad to hear that you are home. I have been keeping up with the blogs. Thanks a bunch emily for keeping us updated. You have been in our prayers, and my mom and dad have been asking about you too. Glad to hear that everything is going so well. We will continue to pray for you and your family. If there is anything you need, please just let us know.

Love in Christ,
Dixie and family