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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 12....sitting.....waiting

They are still there. The cardiologist came by this morning. Heart rhythm has not gone back to normal. They are trying one more round of medicine tonight and if it doesn't work they will do the shock treatment in the morning and she SHOULD be able to go home tomorrow afternoon.

Her heart is good and strong, just a little out of sync. So PRAY PRAY PRAY it starts beating normal. They insist the shock treatment isn't that bad but there is a possibility the trache would have to go back in during that time and she really doesn't want that.

Robin is coming back tonight. Mom has really enjoyed her. She said they laughed and laughed. There is a story that has to do with mom using the bathroom and and some EKG cords getting caught in some undies. Mom said they got so tickled. Thank God for Robin! She has been a true God-send!

With Cody's new job and my crazy work schedule and two small kids it has been nice having someone to give dad a break that also makes mom happy. I think a bond has been created between them that no one ever saw coming. For those that don't know, Robin is dad's niece (Aunt Nancy's daughter.) She also took care of MaMaw in her final days. It was nice having someone in the family able to do that so we didn't have to send her to the nursing home.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the reason your heart rhythm is a little to fast is that there is probably a good looking young doctor checking on you??? Hang in there and hopefully this last round of medicine will do the job and you will be on your way home. Maybe the next report we get you will be in your own home.God bless and take care of you. Love Lynda

Carlene said...

Well it looks like you get to go home tomorrow either way!

Hopefully the meds tonight will be just right and the morning will be released!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that mother has been able to help ya'll. She has a gift that sometimes we all seem to miss. She has a heart as big as Texas and I know she has looked forward to this time with Shirley. Look out Clay baby..I hear she has her suit case packed!!Sissy

Jerry said...

Shirley, would you PLEASE quit getting tickled and get your silly self home? You are having much too much fun with Robin there at the hospital...giggle-snort!

I hope this round of meds tonight will do the trick. And I hope the next time I check in Emily will tell us you have "been sprung"!!

Anonymous said...

Fingers are crossed and extra prayers are going up . . . we hope all goes well today and you can be home by Monday night! Hugs, Lee Ellen and Katie

Jay D Wyatt said...

Come on Shirley, your email buddies really miss you!

I wish I were there with you and Robin laughing and cutting up!


Jay Dawn